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Synonyms for communal

Synonyms for communal

belonging to, shared by, or applicable to all alike

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for or by a group rather than individuals

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21405 Source: Data processing 2017 Table 3: Communality result Variable Communality Service quality 0.
59, with the exception of item 16, which revealed a communality value of .
In the disputes that surround so many things in our church, it is possible to lose sight of our communality.
Nair's book traverses four decades analyzing the communality of groups such as the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh and political figures like Swami Shraddhanand (p.
The author points out that integrative personhood constitutes individuality, communality and presenting.
Menem to trial: Former Argentine President Carlos Menem (photo) has been called to court to face trial on charges of obstructing justice by interfering with the investigation of the bombing of the Jewish communality center in Buenos Aires in 1994 while Menem was president.
Within the production of the film itself, the commune scene again, though somewhat forced (as described by Makavejev in "Sweet Movie: The Gentle Side of 'Destructive Art"), provides the most patent example of a direct instance of communality.
This paper presents heuristic explanations of factor scores, structure coefficients, and communality coefficients.
This conditioned a general shift in communality, but that is not
Nor do Dodson's major points about sacred spaces go beyond the obvious: that sacred spaces are used to set temporal, spatial, and social boundaries, for communication with the spirits, for communality, as vehicles of historical memory, and to express creativity.
Communality which is the total amount of variance a variable shares with all other variables being considered.
He also underlined need to enhance cooperation in education and other sectors to encourage people-to-people contacts and create communality of opinion on matters of bilateral significance.