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Synonyms for communal

Synonyms for communal

belonging to, shared by, or applicable to all alike

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for or by a group rather than individuals

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The higher communality is identified in the case of Social Satisfaction, Economic Satisfaction and Supplier Capability since its communality values are 0.
Its strategy from united socialist Great Kurdistan was reduced to autonomous regions in every part, then to Democratic Republic in Turkey (with nothing mentioned about the notion of sovereignty to the Kurds), communality assemblies and lately democratic autonomy.
Nair's book traverses four decades analyzing the communality of groups such as the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh and political figures like Swami Shraddhanand (p.
The author points out that integrative personhood constitutes individuality, communality and presenting.
All variables (except industry experience, ability to innovate, perception of risks and threats and family interlinking) have communality estimates of 60% or greater.
Menem to trial: Former Argentine President Carlos Menem (photo) has been called to court to face trial on charges of obstructing justice by interfering with the investigation of the bombing of the Jewish communality center in Buenos Aires in 1994 while Menem was president.
MacNeice's late work should be understood as symptomatic of an encroaching dissolution of communality that would profoundly affect the cultures of both islands as the twentieth century progressed.
Within the production of the film itself, the commune scene again, though somewhat forced (as described by Makavejev in "Sweet Movie: The Gentle Side of 'Destructive Art"), provides the most patent example of a direct instance of communality.
Walker sought to achieve a balance between creative freedom and commercial vitality and, in the process, tapped into the pastoral visions, communality, and anti-industrial stance that characterized the public image of Austin's progressive country music scene" (p.
Regarding the ratio of factors to variables, researchers in another Monte Carlo study examined the coefficient of congruence between samples and the population by calculating various ratios of the number of factors extracted to the number of variables in various sample size conditions among high, wide, and low communality matrixes (Hogarty, Hines, Kromrey, Ferron, & Mumford, 2005).
He also underlined need to enhance cooperation in education and other sectors to encourage people-to-people contacts and create communality of opinion on matters of bilateral significance.
The communality measures the percentage of variance in a variable explained by all the factors collectively.
The Quest scale had a low communality and failed to relate substantially to any of the three components that emerged from the analysis.