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the practice of communal living and common ownership

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loyalty and commitment to the interests of your own minority or ethnic group rather than to society as a whole

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And there is KKK Nair, the communalist district magistrate of Faizabad who provided patronage to the conspirators and refused to remove the idols from the mosque.
35) The novel reads like a passionate love story, where the body of Shivaji, the central figure in the Hindu communalist construction of medieval Indian history, is described in vivid detail.
We can distinguish between communalist and dispersionist approaches to the field.
Until very recently most of what gets classified as "Jewish history" or "Jewish studies" has been more of the communalist rather than the dispersionist variety.
In Kashmir, the elected National Conference ministry was dismissed unconstitutionally to appease the Hindu communalists (Aslam, 1989: 275; Manor, 1988: 97).
There is no doubt that in a crisis the rulers tend to politicise religion for political gain; but the recent planned massacre of the Muslim minority in India by Hindu communalists appears to be a systematic move, reminiscent of the holocaust during Partition, to eliminate the Muslim minority in India.
Thus, the so-called warfare of humanist religionists and humanist secularists is really a difference between communalists and cosmopolitans.
He should order a high-level investigation into the arrest of innocent Muslim youths who have been wrongly implicated in bomb blasts and violent incidents, which in fact were handiwork of communalists," the Jamt leader said.
Dispersionists, too, sometimes pay a professional price, most often in terms of which journals review their books, recognize their books with prizes, or hire them in Jewish studies programs, which are often the stronghold of communalists.
Cosmopolitan" was the euphemism of choice in academia for the Jew, especially one with a communalist topic or approach.
Based on the above premises the author claims to look at Tipu "on his own terms" and rejects the interpretation of his life and times by British colonialists, Indian nationalists, and contemporary Hindu and Muslim communalists.
It is therefore safe to say that those who conduct historical research on American Jews (Jews and non-Jews, communalists and dispersionists alike) are all post-Jewish historians now.
As Hollinger has stated, there is room for both communalists and dispersionists in the field of American Jewish history.
One consists of outspoken communalists, who study the past with the stated purpose of bolstering Jewish identity and group continuity.
patent regimes in a communalist framework--would be absent.