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the practice of communal living and common ownership

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loyalty and commitment to the interests of your own minority or ethnic group rather than to society as a whole

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Though she is not usually included with famous communalists of the century like Owen, Saint-Simon, Fourier, and Cabet, Michel's personal story and words resonated in many places, including the Icarian colony of Corning, Iowa.
The legacy of the divide between the New Left and the New Communalists haunts us today, at least here in the U.
In this regard, the Ethernet discourse fit with and helped shape the culture of the institution, which was inspired by the ethos of the New Communalists who valued information sharing, community building, and the use of technology as a means of individual and collective transformation (Turner, 2006, pp.
And there is KKK Nair, the communalist district magistrate of Faizabad who provided patronage to the conspirators and refused to remove the idols from the mosque.
Now, after the incident which is taking place in Karnataka, they are proving beyond doubt that they are not only communalists, but they are also castiests," Hariprasad told media here.
The abduction stories also illustrate the remarkable aptitude shown by the Hindu communalists in a range of media to propagate the image of the lustful Muslim male.
R a b i d communalists are at the helm of affairs in India.
I agree with Dhume when he says rabid communalists on the Hindu side are shot down by liberal Hindus before they begin to spread their poison through society.
The Times of India said it sent a message "that tolerance is the indispensable virtue for the 21st century which can have no place for (fundamentalists), regionalists, communalists, casteists, gender, class and cultural chauvinists".
Even more controversial, Bookchin advocates that communalists, i.
The communalists refer to more traditional citizens, who often think that they have possibilities of having their say in their own life sphere, but they do not consider it important to act more publicly.
Among historians who have worked on the history of Protestantism in the United States, one can distinguish between communalists and dispersionists.
On the other hand, Sonia with all her secular credentials has not fought against communalists as forcibly and relentlessly as was expected from her.
The authors ask if this is ethical or proper academic methodology; If one is a Hindu and speaks against or debates concepts put forth by non-Hindu Western scholars, is it fair to label them automatically as communalists or at times anti-Hindu and most importantly anti-free speech.
The substantial networking efforts of these communalists with other communities, unfortunately, are largely ignored.