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the practice of communal living and common ownership

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loyalty and commitment to the interests of your own minority or ethnic group rather than to society as a whole

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In Nyerere's case, it is argued that the warrant for a socialist system of government is the communalistic nature characteristic of the traditional African people.
In this, the African socialists drew inspiration from pre-colonial African communalistic social arrangements, which made social harmony and human well-being, and not private property, the basis of social organization.
212) These shifts mark a significant evolution away from the communalistic norms Merton described in the early twentieth century.
But beyond this, it is also a world defined by an egalitarian and communalistic ethos with in-built mechanisms for the management, resolution and prevention of violent conflicts and wars which have become synonymous with a continent in the throes of war, crisis and arrested development.
Owners of such stores of wealth walk a social tightrope between engaging with new opportunities of accumulation and remaining committed to a communalistic range of social meanings and obligations.
This new declaration neglects the civil and political rights phrased by western powers in terms of freedom of speech, assembly, and religion which are posed as antithetical to communalistic aspirations.
It is surprising that nobody questioned the communalistic character of Sir Fazl-i-Husain who had incessantly been criticized by Hindus and Sikhs on his pro- Muslim policies which confirmed him a Muslim rather than a cross-communal leader.
Unfortunately, many liberals have been led to take the opposite view, and have retreated into a communalistic anti-liberalism (bizarrely enough).
This occurred as the orgy of political violence and subnational communalistic challenges to state authority between 2005 and 2007 sharpened sectarian tensions in the Gulf, as in the broader Middle East.
Other themes that are often highlighted include the communalistic nature of African communication and importance of media that are close to the local community communication, as Wilson (2008) brings out.
Quite silent in Nkiriuka's argument, though, is the view that communalistic feeling, as explained through Ubuntu, was home to the African soil.
This colonialist system, he argues, which arrived in the Arctic as a system of trade (whale oil, furs) and introduced personal property into a necessarily communalistic world, "could only impoverish the Eskimo and reduce him, in terms of development, to zero.
A communalistic society is one in which kinship relations have a very wide scope.
This is a term whose very usage indicates a communitas, groups in a voluntary association, with a common tribal or linguistic membership and fellowship, a common historical, or political, or cultural heritage, communalistic in their membership, integrated and socially coherent.
As a response to the social abuses of industrialism perpetrated in the name of capitalist efficiency, 19th century utopians sought to replace, a social system determined by property rights with a communalistic conception of society: cooperation not competition would be the basis of social and economic relations.