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the practice of communal living and common ownership

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loyalty and commitment to the interests of your own minority or ethnic group rather than to society as a whole

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But beyond this, it is also a world defined by an egalitarian and communalistic ethos with in-built mechanisms for the management, resolution and prevention of violent conflicts and wars which have become synonymous with a continent in the throes of war, crisis and arrested development.
In Bwa society animal sacrifice facilitates the functioning of multiple active ritual systems, including those of individual persons or multi-family houses, village-level rituals to the natural spirits and ancestors, the practices of smiths and griots, as well as the communalistic religion (Do) (Tauxier 1912; Cremer 1927; Manessy 1960; Capron 1973).
Communalistic societies: Community and self-respect as African values.
This is a term whose very usage indicates a communitas, groups in a voluntary association, with a common tribal or linguistic membership and fellowship, a common historical, or political, or cultural heritage, communalistic in their membership, integrated and socially coherent.
A third possibility is that social withdrawal buffers the individual from various negative social consequences in tightly knit social settings, such as may be characteristic of communalistic cultures.
From a position outside the process, it might be easy to criticize secrecy as counterproductive on the assumption that a communalistic sharing of findings permits those who can use them most effectively to do so.
There was a felt need politically to enhance the sense of "we are all Malaysians" instead of the communalistic concept of separate communities of Malays, Chinese, or Indians.
Ironically, even though Islam is a religion that perpetuated communalistic norms and opted for the welfare of the Islamic community rather than the individual, some Muslim women brought up in the secular context of the Republic stood up for their individual rights.
Thus the image popularized by Julius Nyerere, the father of a communalistic sociopolitical ideology known as Ujamaa, based on the African concept of familyhood, of African elders sitting under a tree and discussing until they agree.
Though sensitive to African communalistic continuities, Sidbury shows how much there had been "creative appropriation" of White Virginian s' individualistic legal, political, and evangelical religious modes.
Nor have we given much thought to the potential of feminism for inter-faith dialogue and the building of truly human communities in India's insidiously communalistic context, in which the different communal identities militate against the idea of community.
Written over a 30-year period and first published in Spanish in 1989, Ernesto Cardenal's Cosmic Canticle is his magnum opus in which he sets his communalistic social philosophy within a majestic vision of the cosmos.
The third question which the International Commission for the Study of Media, Religion, and Culture has posed is the need to rethink the dichotomies enveloping media and religion, the dichotomies of sacred and profane, good and bad media, media as either instrumental manipulation or idyllic communalistic participation.
Thus, in respect both of the political and the libidinal, he fails to hear the affirming rhythm, and cannot lose himself in communalistic orgiastic activity.