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the practice of communal living and common ownership

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loyalty and commitment to the interests of your own minority or ethnic group rather than to society as a whole

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We can distinguish between communalist and dispersionist approaches to the field.
By sticking to an insider, communalist perspective, American Jewish historians have drawn tight boundaries around their subject matter and have circumscribed membership in their field, determining too narrowly who may be accepted as a practitioner.
Cosmopolitan" was the euphemism of choice in academia for the Jew, especially one with a communalist topic or approach.
Here his essay takes a turn, suggesting not that American Jewish historians are too communalist and too focused on issues that interest only Jews, but that American historians and specialists in American studies have accepted a multiculturalist understanding of American society that tends to exclude Jews as historical subjects.
For historians working in a communalist mode, the concept of "the Jewish people" frames their research.
Michels is correct, further, to remind us that studies of African Americans, Latinos, and Asian Americans have often been heavily communalist and anti-assimilationist rather than dispersionst.
And there is KKK Nair, the communalist district magistrate of Faizabad who provided patronage to the conspirators and refused to remove the idols from the mosque.
His object of analysis there, however, is the communalist (what I would not consider it unfair to call "cryptostatist") "anarchy" of Babeuf, Proudhon, Bakunin, and Kropotkin.
Second, his alarm over the threat of "multiculturalism" was misplaced and constituted a bad misreading of the zeitgeist, in which he mistook the left's tactical use of identity politics for the rise of a new kind of communalist and even traditionalist tribalism.
The Russian Empire in 1913 was heir to a neo-Slavophile discourse in which Russia's unique, "sympbonic" or communalist society was celebrated, while the detrimental impact of modern life on this allegedly inherent Russian attribute was mourned.
Integrative Personhood: A Communalist Metaphysics Anthropology.
This attitude is not limited to those who are opponents of political Islam and the secularist detractors of communalist bigotry, but it is present among those who, while accepting specific Christian concerns, also recognize problems of their own.
35) The novel reads like a passionate love story, where the body of Shivaji, the central figure in the Hindu communalist construction of medieval Indian history, is described in vivid detail.
And in Hangmen, the orthodox, narcissist Marxist ideologue, Ogbansiegbe, is killed in order to make way for a more communalist and peasant-oriented Marxist ideology that is more germane to their peculiar cause.
The communalist reading of colors, Hogan proposes, may well apply to Deepa Mehta's Fire.