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the practice of communal living and common ownership

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loyalty and commitment to the interests of your own minority or ethnic group rather than to society as a whole

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The opposition is raising the bogey of communalism against BJP bringing those incidents, but are they themselves not doing politics of polarisation".
Are you going to rise above narrow sectarianism and communalism and be Indian?
Bhagyanath FANTASIA Award' instituted by Indian Magic Acadamy, 'Magic par Excellence Award' from Dubai Crescent English Media, 'Ekata Award' from Sharja Bhalabharathi for the contribution towards National Integration, 'Magic Ratna Award', 'Sahrudaya Award A[yen] instituted by Kerala Readers & Writers Circle in recognition for the works done against communalism and Kerala Government's Award for the comprehensive contribution rendered to magic.
John Curl, For All the People: Uncovering the Hidden History of Cooperation, Cooperative Movements, and Communalism in America (Oakland: PM Press 2009)
However, despite this sacred mandate, despite the Directive Principles of State Policy and despite the safeguards that our laws provide, despite all the measures taken by our Administrative machinery, why is it that communalism does not seem to go away from our society, he asked.
He added terrorism and the use of terrorists as strategic assets by the Pakistani state, and communalism, which he believed was on the rise, particularly in India, were other impediments in the way for peace.
and Topel (Ashkelon Academic College, Israel) here present 17 papers that explore the broader idea of communalism that guided the founders of the kibbutzim.
It emanated from the conception of being as all and the understanding that communalism thrives in oneness of being or reality too.
FOR ALL THE PEOPLE: UNCOVERING THE HIDDEN HISTORY OF COOPERATION, COOPERATIVE MOVEMENTS, AND COMMUNALISM IN AMERICA appears in its second updated edition to provide a sweeping analysis of American cooperative movements for social change, and goes beyond the usual narrowed focus on a particular era or political figure.
Instead, here communalism refers to the theory and system of government in which local communities are associated in a confederation.
Philosophical Perspectives on Communalism and Morality in African Traditions.
Touching on the issue of security of the country, Patil said the country must stand united in the fight against such divisive and destructive tendencies as communalism, casteism, extremism and terrorism.
Over the past twenty years the secularist basis of Indian democracy has been increasingly challenged by communalism.
These movements manifested the ideologies of communism, socialism, nationalism and communalism.
Similarly, Lammers investigates the interactions and relationships between Jewish and non-Jewish neighbors in the East End as a way to interrogate one of the most enduring national myths of Britain, the loss of the "traditional" East End and working class communalism.