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Synonyms for communalize

to place under government or group ownership or control

Synonyms for communalize

make something the property of the commune or community


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These include: the body in the pulsating space of the Centre; the social identity disrobed and communalised in the context of difference; the artist laid bare in the act of representation--thus divesting himself of much cultural power.
It was the culmination of a controversy that "has totally communalised our polity.
We refuse to acknowledge that Pakistan successfully communalised the dispute because the harmony was hardly there.
UPA has communalised terrorism in the country, but this "appeasement politics is never going to benefit the country," she added.
Yet in a clear indication of how fight against love jihad is getting communalised, the Meerut gang rape victim has expressed disillusionment at Hindutva leaders who meet these days.
Punj said an institution such as Lokpal which is meant to fight corruption, should not be communalised.
You and your family have communalised Kashmir with your politics," Modi has said in a message directed at National Conference chief Farooq Abdullah.