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Synonyms for communalise

make something the property of the commune or community


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She alleged that both the BJP and the Samajwadi Party (SP) are trying to communalise the atmosphere in Varanasi.
The RJD president accused the BJP and the RSS of trying to communalise the country on the issue of beef.
The BJP's prime ministerial nominee, Narendra Modi, lashed out at Sonia for meeting Bukhari and her bid to seek minority votes and allegedly trying to communalise elections.
Addressing a rally here, the Gujarat Chief Minister said, "The Congress is making every effort to communalise the polls.
Now he is trying to communalise the incident,"said the Union minister.
These people are trying to communalise the whole country and the society," he added.
It has failed in maintaining law and order and is using such methods to communalise the debate over its failure," party secretary Shrikant Sharma said.
16 ( ANI ): Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Balbir Punj on Monday said the Congress is trying to communalise the elections, after Union Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde declared that the Prevention of Communal Violence Bill had been approved by the cabinet.
He said some people were hell bent to communalise the situation but they would not succeed.
The BJP and the RSS are trying to communalise the nation for vote bank politics," Yadav said.
Reacting to the BJP's agenda of ' Love Jihad', former CM and Bahujan Samaj Party ( BSP) president Mayawati said, " The BJP is trying to communalise every possible issue because there is by- polls on 12 Assembly seats in the state in September.
Those who try to communalise this terrorism should understand that they are being arrested with the help of many Islamic governments and much Islamic intelligence.
She also said the state government is trying to communalise issues to cover up their 'deplorable' law and order.
The BJP is only trying to communalise the situation for political gains," senior SP leader Naresh Agarwal claimed.
Hitting back, the BJP had said that the remarks were "stupid" and "reprehensible" as the Pakistan links of such outfits were well known and alleged that it was a "desperate" Congress which was actually trying to communalise the political scenario and playing with national security as it had "no answers for all the wrongs" it had done.