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exhibiting native good judgment

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Commonsense Talent Management is a pragmatic guide to help companies achieve this simple-sounding but challenging goal.
The National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) launched a significant radio ad buy today in key media markets as part of the organization s continued efforts to enact commonsense immigration reform.
Calls for commonsense solutions, not cuts to critical program
That life belts should be within easy reaching distance of water or a bridge only seems like commonsense yet that is distinctly lacking in Nelson McCausland's department.
LISTENING complaints To r r e s football shirt makes you wonder commonsense because unsettled forawhile.
YOUR correspondent Chris Robinson always writes commonsense and I particularly applaud his letters campaigning for the A1 to be a dual carriageway up to Berwick (Voice of the North, August 30).
Machine learning methods for commonsense reasoning processes; interactive models.
But this should be married with the commonsense approach as we do not want to clog up either GP or hospital waiting rooms.
It was a simple, commonsense annual report, to support the idea of the need for commonsense thinking in banking today.
But artificial intelligence scientists are aspiring towards enabling computers to have human-level intelligence by developing a commonsense knowledge base.
One would expect our MPs to be people of integrity and high intelligence so one wonders where conscience and commonsense came into play when they were deciding what to claim.
LONDON, May 7, 2009 (TUR) -- Turkey's Chief EU Negotiator Egemen Bagis said Wednesday that Turkey's accession to the EU was commonsense and commonsense would prevail.
THANK goodness that a bit of commonsense seems to be emerging over the long-awaited rail station at Coventry's Ricoh Arena.
Appealing to the commonsense of the lawyers and others present, he stated that traditional marriage "is not [just] a postulate of the Church .
Kevin Drum's article ("You Own You," December 2005) provides a number of commonsense approaches for combating identity theft.