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Synonyms for commonplace

Synonyms for commonplace

Synonyms for commonplace

a trite or obvious remark

completely ordinary and unremarkable

Related Words

not challenging

References in classic literature ?
But I herewith discharge my conscience, and declare that I have had quite enthusiastic movements of admiration towards old gentlemen who spoke the worst English, who were occasionally fretful in their temper, and who had never moved in a higher sphere of influence than that of parish overseer; and that the way in which I have come to the conclusion that human nature is lovable--the way I have learnt something of its deep pathos, its sublime mysteries--has been by living a great deal among people more or less commonplace and vulgar, of whom you would perhaps hear nothing very surprising if you were to inquire about them in the neighbourhoods where they dwelt.
But Fisher knew that it had started and stopped on the pale lips of Jefferson Jenkins, of Montreal, and no one at that moment catching sight of Jefferson Jenkins's face would have complained that it was commonplace.
Then the night of our sordid commonplace life closes in around it, and the burned-out case, falling back to earth, lies useless and uncared for, slowly smoldering into ashes.
But for all this, the question remains,-- what are the novelists to do with commonplace people, and how are they to be presented to the reader in such a form as to be in the least degree interesting?
very sorry the prince is still ailing," and after a few more commonplace remarks he rose.
And is that exceedingly commonplace incident any reason why he should send us longstemmed roses by the dozen, with a very sentimental rhyme?
You would become a commonplace, easy-going young animal of a British soldier, for the sake of the affection of a good-looking, well-bred, commonplace British young woman.
Joan Lackland--just an assemblage of letters, of commonplace letters, but an assemblage that generated a subtle and heady magic.
A commonplace man would say we are both in a morbid state of mind," he thought; "and sometimes commonplace men turn out to be right.
Ferrari, with many domestic merits, was an essentially commonplace woman.
Disguising my last instructions under the commonplace heading of "Memoranda on my return to London," I began to write.
No philosopher was he-- just a plain, commonplace person gifted, for the time being, with a pathological indifference: the organ that he feared consequences with was torpid.
I wanted to get away from monotony and the commonplace.
We were all sorry when we were through the woods and found ourselves looking down into the snug, commonplace, farmstead-dotted settlement of Baywater.
It was a perfectly commonplace English country seat, surrounded by perfectly commonplace English scenery.