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Synonyms for commonplaceness

ordinariness as a consequence of being frequent and commonplace

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As I glanced at him I could not but think how on that very day he had complained bitterly of the commonplaceness of life.
In painful contrast to them stands commonplaceness, always a fatal fault.
And a murder plot can refer itself to a whole set of other plot expectations which I knew could be used to transform the commonplaceness of the council estate, which would mean that it could be matter-of-factly described in a context that would give it a surprising intensity.
He was drawn to the "refinement versus commonplaceness, everydayness, and naturalness" aspects of the shibul aesthetic.
By considering the body in movement, we can see better how it inhabits space (and moreover, time), because movement is not limited to submitting passively, it actively assumes them, it takes them up in their basic significance which is obscured in the commonplaceness of established situations" (Merleau-Ponty 1962: 102).
Can anyone relate to the statement: "the wide and gaping chasm which exists between the complexity of illness and the commonplaceness of our treatment tools is, and always will be, the pride and anguish of our profession" (Reilly, 1962, p.