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ordinariness as a consequence of being frequent and commonplace

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Can anyone relate to the statement: "the wide and gaping chasm which exists between the complexity of illness and the commonplaceness of our treatment tools is, and always will be, the pride and anguish of our profession" (Reilly, 1962, p.
Yet this commonplaceness is desperately needed in the profession of English, and I hope that the turn toward religion in literary studies can concurrently address the need for literary scholars to find an audience in the world beyond our own colleagues.
Factors that are relevant to the analysis of consumer confusion are: the degree of similarity between the two marks or dress, the intent of the alleged infringer in adopting the mark or dress, evidence of actual confusion, and the functionality or commonplaceness of the mark or dress.
unrestrained by any consciousness on his part of the commonplaceness of his ideas, which makes his tone poetry all but worthless, or of the lack of constructive capacity which makes his `absolute music' incoherent.
In his apparent commonplaceness, Quaresma is also the opposite or inverted image of these super-detectives.
Early in the film the casual commonplaceness of horror is conveyed as Marjane and the neighborhood kids cavalierly play "torture" and scheme to tear a boy's eyes out for his father's rumored involvement in the Shah's secret police.
Unlikely truth has burst upon us, stunned that stage-prop commonplaceness into utter plausibility.
Of himself, Shapiro said, "To write poetry out of commonplaceness is to love or accept the common, and in fact he did.
To Pinker he called the adaptation "horribly efficient" (24 January 1917, MS Berg) and said, "I must confess that I am surprised at the feebleness of many passages (as scenic effects) and a curious commonplaceness of the general conception and dialogue.