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a notebook in which you enter memorabilia

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The identification of this Bodleian manuscript partially unifies the multi-volume work known as al-Tadhkira l-akmaliyya l-muflihiyya (The Commonplace Book of al-Akmal b.
Montaigne's warning was sound advice for early modern readers striving to reduce ponderous folios to neat epitomes for their commonplace books, and it remains good counsel for book reviewers--not least one undertaking a review of William M.
Just as William Wordsworth frames the Lyrical Ballads "as an experiment" in cross-genre publication, so too do the various embedded frames of Dorothy Wordsworth's archive (her poems written and sewn and stuck within a chapbook inscribed within a commonplace book, for example) enact experiments in materiality, genre, and audience.
12] Other scholars have noted that scrapbooking appears to be the later 19th century version of the commonplace book.
His Oxford Notebooks reveal that he outlined and took notes (which he borrowed from Alexander Grant's footnotes) on Books VI and VII of the Ethics and in his Commonplace Book adopts, like Ruskin, the theoria interpretation, identifying contemplation as a good in itself and distinguishing it from aesthetic perception, which he limits to impressions of isolated facts.
The two subchapters deal with John Dee's marginalia in Ferdinand Columbus's famous biography of his father, Christopher (published in 1571); and with the commonplace book of Sir Julius Caesar, written during six decades by England's leading lawyer.
Nothing to Be Frightened Of is a kind of commonplace book, scattered with quotes from Flaubert, who believed that "one must be equal to one's destiny, that's to say, impassive like it," and Montaigne, who encouraged us to "have the taste of death in your mouth and its name on your tongue.
architecture's social agenda; Wendy Smith on Michael Herr's Dispatches; and Andre Bernard's Commonplace Book entries on the topic of defeat.
James Tarleton," and "From the commonplace book of Lady Schofield," because now they are married to the men they met in the first book.
I merely wondered whether there could be any connection between it and the one referred to (verbatim) by John Kaye of Woodsome in his Commonplace Book in which he describes pulling down the old chapel which stood above the Butts at "St Elynwell".
Auden, "Work, Labor, and Play," in A Certain World: A Commonplace Book (1970).
McCourt's book is an amalgam of autobiography, cultural history, and the commonplace book.
In his Commonplace Book he proposed the idea of a multi-lens or multi-mirror telescope, all throwing their images upon a single focus.
In part this is also a commonplace book in which he jotted down observations, anecdotes and quotations that came to mind while he was living a long way from home.
HERE'S the personal compendium that has inspired, amused or consoled John Bayley over the years - a commonplace book made up of poems, letters, diary extracts and passages from novels which form part of his mental furniture.