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Synonyms for commonness

the state of being that is commonly observed


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the quality of lacking taste and refinement

ordinariness as a consequence of being frequent and commonplace

sharing of common attributes


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Aesthetic approach in this film is made into the string connecting the commonness of main characters and the city.
The social activities of tribal intermarriages become less because of the lack of the sense of commonness and confidence as one nation, which is been created and widened by the Islamic extremists.
Among the many shadows Jon Krakauer illuminates in his compelling and dispiriting book, Where Men Win Glory, is the commonness of fratricide in high-tech warfare.
The reasons behind the commonness of this parasite in Yemen is that our country is one of the third world countries where we have little to no hygiene or good sanitation," he added.
The first expansion makes use of the hierarchic structure of turbulence and the other is supposed to explain the systemic essence of certain commonness observed in formulations of descriptions of fluid motion and of some physical fields [6-9].
These dualities of hierarchy and commonness, ceremony and purity, clarity and majesty were instituted in England followed by the Australian, American (US and Canada) cultures.
The formation of large bubbles in recent decades was partly a consequence of the commonness and incorrigibility of the belief that no such thing could ever happen.
It is the third commonness with light and air, A curriculum, a vigor, a local abstraction .
The Collegiate was not necessarily the best dictionary that could be found to serve as the criterion of solution quality ("quality," in this context, being taken to mean the relative commonness of a solution's word set), but its ubiquity recommended it.
She also points out the commonness of most acts of repair, which are essentially the same whether used to put right everyday interpersonal wrongs or large-scale collective wrongs, such as genocide or the enslavement and cultural dispossession of peoples.
However, the commonness of foxglove aphids in the northeastern US flower crops could compromise the use of A.
He is also angry about the commonness of the means of healing that the prophet identifies; the Jordan is insignificant in comparison with the larger rivers of Damascus, the Abana and the Pharpar (5:12).
The recent death saddens this mourner, but the very commonness of death teaches contempt for it.
Because of the commonness of the problem, antimicrobial therapy for ARIs is a major predictor for the spread of resistant strains of microbes in the community.
Indeed, one of the intriguing aspects of this memorable presidential campaign season has been the lengths to which the candidates went in demonstrating their commonness with the working man.