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In 1966, Commoner warned that humanity's relationship with what scientists now call the Earth System was in crisis.
And several commoners did ride on the pro-PPP wave to make to the assemblies, and were inducted even in the PPP governments in Punjab and Sindh.
I never knew a lot about Barry Commoner until after he died, but have read extensively about him since.
Indeed, nearly three-quarters of European princes now marry commoners, rather than royals or aristocrats, reveals the study by Badoo.
KATE Middleton will become one in a long line of commoners to marry into the Royal Family.
All the actors are present--from Thoreau and Muir to Rachael Carson, Aldo Leopold, Barry Commoner, and Edward Abbey--to mention only a few of many Dunlop casts in his quest to understand "environmentalism as an expression of the human impulse toward religion.
Security was tight in Madrid, with some 20,000 police patrolling the streets as Princess Letizia, 31, became first commoner in over 500 years to be in line to be queen.
Betting he can train any commoner to act and speak like a noble, the erudite and arrogant Henry Higgins (Rex Harrison) selects Eliza Doolittle (Audrey Hepburn) as his human guinea pig and sets out to transform this working class Cockney into a sparkling socialite.
Nepalese princess Prearana Rajyalaxmi Devi Shah Wednesday married a commoner amid all the pomp and glamour of a Nepalese royal arranged wedding.
On October 4 at Queen's College in New York City, Watt-Cloutier participated by phone in a press conference with ecologist Barry Commoner that disclosed the lower-latitude sources of dioxins that are afflicting the Inuit.
Nationally known Queens College-based scientist Barry Commoner conducted a study that found design defects in the North River plant and indications of harmful sulfur hydroxide and sulfur dioxide emissions, which were exacerbating Harlem's asthma epidemic.
The king's political patronage of his lover, the commoner Piers Gaveston--on whom Edward showered land and titles--further enraged his enemies.
The 32-year-old Infanta became the first member of the Spanish royal family to marry a commoner.
While he himself lived the Christian life to the full, he respected the Buddhist principles and spirituality which permeate the people of Bhutan from king to commoner.
Rather than look hundreds of years back for the roots of our understanding of the environment, Rubin concentrates on six recent gurus of the environmental movement: Rachel Carson and Barry Commoner on chemicals, Paul Ehrlich and Garrett Hardin on population, and the Club of Rome and E.