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We need to look for commonalties rather than at our differences
A master sculptor and printmaker influenced by the Mexican tradition of mural and linocut making, as well as European modernism, Catlett uses her experience as a black woman to adhere the commonalties she sees between the struggles.
We're looking for commonalties, unusual relationships and trends that often indicate something illegal may be going on," Rick Worthington, director of Safeco's special investigations unit, said.
And since the publication of his book Virtually Normal; An Argument About Homosexuality four years ago, Sullivan has become an outspoken advocate of gay and lesbian rights, making appearances on news talk shows such as ABC's Nightline and CNN's Crossfire, A contributing writer at The New York Times Magazine, he's worked to highlight the commonalties between straights and gays, which, he says, add up to more than their differences, That approach, Sullivan believes, is the best way to bring about change leading to legal equality.
Among other commonalties, the author finds in these traditions: (1) a religious practice and notion of salvation that are individualized in conception and divorced from a priestly class and its sacramental regulation; (2) a belief in supernatural forces - whether the Holy Spirit or a particular saint - capable of intervening materially in a person's life, of healing and saving; and (3) millennial expectation (pp.
There are natural commonalties to the two styles of music which suggest a similar reverence for life with earth.
Almost every dedicated coach will have some knowledge of the great hitter and an understanding of the basic commonalties, or "absolutes," of their styles.
Geographically and chronologically widespread, the Third World biennials are simply impossible for most critics to watch closely enough fully to understand their differences and commonalties of purpose.
People from all political parties and all walks of life are encouraged to attend as this may help to bridge some understanding and commonalties between the parties and between people," said President/Organizer of the Tea Party Patriots Denver, Inc.
Russia's political officials are determined to bolster the amicable relations with the Islamic Republic," he said adding that the commonalties between the two powerful countries in the region are undeniable.
political commonalties in the international arena," IRNA quoted Rahimi as
He added that the road to perfection would be trodden easily by resorting to commonalties.
She likes to find commonalties among groups and help them collaborate to work toward a greater good.
Harrison describes his latest effort, co-edited with Victor Leo Walker and Gus Edwards, as "the first collection of essential texts to offer a critical analysis of the historical, theoretical and performance commonalties of Black Theatre practice throughout the African Diaspora.
The first event in the mini-series will be a workshop at a high school in Southwest Detroit where members from the Appalachian String Band and Dearborn Traditional Arab Ensemble will present a brief lecture and musical demonstration on the similarities and commonalties shared between the two cultures.