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Synonyms for commonality

Synonyms for commonality

a class composed of persons lacking clerical or noble rank

sharing of common attributes

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Kearney said, This directorate brings together billets and personnel dedicated to moving forward commonality of people, parts and processes through promoting and enabling exchange within government and between government and industry.
Today, commonality is enjoying increasing interest from the defense industry as the emphasis on life-cycle affordability strengthens (Brown & Flowe, 2005).
This purchase of 48 "latest off the production line" F-16s is a big step toward hardware commonality as a means toward enhanced interoperability between the air forces of Poland and the United States.
I have had great success with those machines, and the parts and filter commonality comes into play with me because it is cost efficient.
The group recommended that the Defense Department designate a single office to be in charge of mandating commonality within UAV programs, as well as the budget authority to enforce standards.
If you can feel that commonality with people in the past from Iran and Iraq, you can also feel that in the present.
I found these occasions spiritually rewarding and appreciated the opportunity of sharing the commonality of Christian fellowship and growing through Christ.
Caption: The Marine Corps' H-1 upgrade program is remanufacturing UH-1N "Hueys" and AH-1W Super Cobras into UH-1Y and AH-1Zs, which will share a common drive train, rotor head, tail boom, avionics, software and controls to achieve 84 percent commonality between the two airframes.
The TB-29A/BQ towed array is an upgrade to the existing TB-29 Towed Array Program, incorporating commercial off-the-shelf components and providing a step toward Navy towed array commonality.
This was done to create a baseline for understanding a commonality between all individuals while later addressing the impact of one's processing style on the learning experience.
Whilst respecting the individual cultural vocabularies of the many diverse lands in which it is practised, the Church nevertheless lends to all a commonality that unites.
The commonality, flexibility and reliability of the new 737 family offer us the opportunity to satisfy our unique market requirements.
He proposes a dialectical account in which whiteness took shape partly as a way of accommodating Irish immigrants into the party's electoral coalition, a putative attribute that expressed commonality with nativist Jacksonians.
This involves improving the organization's ability to make enlightened decisions, increasing synergy and commonality of purpose, and ensuring disciplined implementation and refinement of the unified business approach over time.
Tusek goes back and forth, between abstract and figurative works, and this exhibition makes clear their commonality with the work of a painter like Gerhard Richter.