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Synonyms for commonality

Synonyms for commonality

a class composed of persons lacking clerical or noble rank

sharing of common attributes

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The people of SCO countries have been connected through centuries, through shared commonalities of art and culture, ideas and knowledge; language and traditions.
He said that both nations are not only geographically closer but also have religious, cultural and lingual commonalities.
Ayatollah Khamenei pointed to great cultural and historical commonalities between the two neighboring countries, saying Afghanistan's rich human, cultural and natural resources should serve Iran-Afghanistan cooperation.
He added that the commonalities between the two countries ''should make us work for a more serious solution to all these challenges.
Future phases of the collaboration will center on the development of analytical tools to support molecular models of genetic disease to identify the commonalities of complex genetic disorders.
This issue of The Information Management Journal features several articles that examine the role of records manager and archivist in the global marketplace, pointing out the commonalities, the differences, and the potential.
Some researchers emphasize anatomical commonalities in the available fossils and thus lump them into one category or a few common categories; other scientists highlight anatomical differences in the same fossils and thus split specimens into separate species and genera.
There's also a spiky-haired nurse from New York who turns the head of a young monk and a brief appearance by the Dalai Lama, who stresses the commonalities between Buddhism and Hinduism.
While the circumstances of claims against professionals differ, there are commonalities to most claims.
Roseberry saw the production of coffee in Latin America as having several commonalities, including its location in frontier regions, the alteration of tropical forest environments, and the internal migration of laborers as coffee production zones developed.
Likewise, an alarming percentage of the sample did not respond at all (32%) to questions about how they believed followers of Islam view the United States and what commonalities they shared with followers of Islam (34%).
In the Basic School Network, Core Commonalities provide fertile ground for the development of young minds.
Therefore, the DCI cannot be used for comparisons since companies have a different number of components and their relative commonalities are incomparable.
It is not direct commonalities so much as related characteristics that recur; for example, Balkenhol's use of very small male and female figures: the emphasis and development of body, figure, face, head.
Innovative Approach Focuses on Commonalities to Market to Diverse Pan-Ethnic Groups