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property held in common

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Our entitlement to the Commonage land remains and the federal government cannot simply ignore our unresolved claim to our ancestral lands.
We also thank the many collaborators who have worked with us in The Bahamas, including the Bahamas National Trust, Cape Eleuthera Development Corporation, the Island School, commonage committees on south Eleuthera, and various landowners who have provided us access to their land for our work.
We knocked gaps in the hedges and stone walls so as to give the neighbours' cattle the benefits of commonage and the land the benefit of the cow dung.
The area was a kind of commonage - an open area - and Dan's cows were maybe going onto the bog and going too far away from the house.
Two years later he was protesting against efforts to have the reserve declared a public commonage, but now his health was fading, and the battle was lost.
14) Most of these complaints revolved around the politics of the commonage and headmen's control over the allocation of arable land, but there was also considerable tension between men who had access to arable land and those who did not.
In addition, those resettling in Dunquin were given commonage rights to cut turf near their homes from bogs such as those on Mount Eagle.
They held the demo to protest at Agriculture Minister Coveney's draft proposals on commonage.