common-law marriage

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a marriage relationship created by agreement and cohabitation rather than by ceremony

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931, 934 (2011) (discussing current recognition of out-of-state common-law marriages amongst the states); Linda Silberman, Same-Sex Marriage: Refining the Conflict of Laws Analysis, 153 U.
As late as the 1960s, segregationist lawmakers defined common-law marriage as a formal marker for immorality and therefore a convenient justification for withholding social-welfare benefits from African-American residents.
Similarly, new laws turning most intimate cohabitation into a new form of common-law marriage might be justified by showing that cohabitation undermines important relationship-specific investments by a vulnerable "spouse.
The notion of common-law marriage is a persistent myth which can lead to serious financial loss and emotional distress.
If a state recognizes common-law marriage, individuals who meet the requirements for such marriages would be deemed married, regardless of whether they participated in a valid ceremony.
Unlike modern common-law marriage, living together in no way effected marriage.
58-66, 1958-1 CB 60 had provided only that the IRS "refuses to recognize a domestic partner as a spouse unless local law recognizes the common-law marriage of the persons involved in the relationship.
One woman, 34, a former resident of Kyoto in a common-law marriage, registered her marriage shortly before giving birth in 1997.
One of the most common errors many people tend to make in money matters concerns common-law marriage.
He noted, "The applicant's counsel submitted that it would be offensive to social policy to have distinctions, for support purposes, between children of a `one-night encounter', or a common-law marriage, or a legal marriage.
There is precedent from Maryland's highest court rejecting any statute that endorses same-sex marriage or common-law marriage.
Travis County Probate Judge Guy Herman ruled Tuesday that banning gay marriage is illegal in a case filed by an Austin woman asking the county to recognize her eight-year relationship with another woman as a common-law marriage.
A English law does not recognise a concept of common-law marriage.
They sought the injunction on the grounds that their union qualified in Brazil as a common-law marriage.