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In short, the tax assessor, who is empowered by law for administering personal property taxation should meet these responsibilities with common-law employees so that the confidence and trust of the public can be maintained.
If P is a common-law employee, he cannot rely on the statutory exception for agent-drivers; see Ewens & Miller, Inc.
In some situations, both factors must be resolved in the worker's favor to make him or her eligible to receive benefits; the worker must be an employee under common-law considerations and must be eligible under the terms of the plan or the legislative rules governing such plans.
3121 (d)(1), without regard to whether they are common-law employees, they are statutory employees for whom RA '78 Section 530 relief is not available.
And it has been used by folks in the area to smile at the pestiferous common-law movement.
De facto" unions is another title for what we call common-law marriages.
The three-step process involves determining the status of the resident's common-law employer, establishing that the resident is a student, and meeting procedural requirements for obtaining a refund of FICA taxes.
Marriage is being discounted in Quebec, where 30% of couples live common-law.
Indeed, when Congress was considering exceptions to Section 530 relief, its intent was to except workers under the common-law rules retained by businesses that provide technical services.
Ottawa -- According to a Statistics Canada report in July 2002, a majority of young Canadians are opting first for common-law relationships over marriage.
Alaska still retains the same common-law rule of tenants-by-the-entirety form of holding assets between married persons.
In conclusion, La Forest held that "homosexual couples are not, therefore, discriminated against," because Parliament had good reason to confine spousal benefits under the Old Age Security Act to married and common-law couples.
The Administration's proposal would eliminate the (apparent potential) inconsistent treatment among decedents in community property and common-law states, by disallowing the stepped-up basis for property that never passed from a decedent to a surviving spouse in community property states.
Example 2--Common-law state: X is married to Y; they live in a common-law state and each is 50 years old.
Iredell's reluctance to acknowledge easy judicial departure is, of course, consistent with an older, discovery-oriented view of common-law decisionmaking that was still prevalent in the late Eighteenth Century.