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a year that is not a leap year


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If reports of cultivated genera were excluded from the data set for cultivated taxa, then the second year would still be the most common year of earliest maturity, but followed by the first year and then the third year, the same as the order for wild taxa.
Check 2000(tm) also has information on thousands of popular software programs and advises on how to avoid common Year 2000 errors that may occur.
Since the architecture of D(3) is free from the common Year 2000 problem of two-digit years that do not sort properly or compute accurately over a century transition, these companies are also afforded with Year 2000 compliance.
This change brings all Company entities together on a common year end.
All the appraisals that sparked FDIC action in 2012 were more than five years old at the time the lawsuit was filed; 2005 and 2006 were the most common years in which the appraisals in question were performed.
Quaboag on the Common years ago agreed to make payments in lieu of taxes amounting to $43,000 annually, "but the old company still owes us $32,124," Mr.
That reaction was common years ago but not these days.
Wheels-up landings were much more common years ago, and some of the improvement has to be attributed to the installation of AOA systems.
Many of the servicemen named on the memorial would have played rugby, football or cricket on the common years ago," said Coun David, who took no part in the cabinet decision after declaring an interest as a member of the community council.
Police from several of the agencies have said dumping the homeless in other jurisdictions was common years ago, but has since been banned.