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widely cultivated in temperate regions in many varieties for its commercially important grain

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The UK does not have specific regulations regarding the composition of pasta but both the Food Safety Act and the Food Labelling Regulations make it clear that it is an offence to misdescribe a product, so the presence of common wheat in a pasta product must be declared on the product label.
com/reports/c52826) has announced the addition of "Market Snapshot Report: Russia-Import-2005, Wheat and Meslin: Other Spelt, Common Wheat and Meslin: Other, HS/TNVED: 1001909900" to their offering.
Waxy protein deficiency and chromosomal location of coding genes in common wheat.
The effect of legumes and fertiliser are the two most important factors in nitrogen management for grain protein; however there does appear to be some difference among common wheat varieties for grain protein concentration for a given yield level, Mr Gardner said.
The researchers found that the loss of matter in the cooking water and weight increases during the cooking of buckwheat pasta were greater than those of a reference sample made of common wheat flour.
A cross between the annual common wheat and a perennial wheatgrass, Agropyron spp.
The variation was seen among spices was as less as within the species that evaluated and in addition the Aegilopsamplicons were same from the common wheat ones used as control.
It is commonly known that the quality of pasta manufactured from pure durum wheat semolina (Triticum durum) is superior to that made from common wheat (Triticum aestivum) or a mixture of both these classes of wheat.
White flour used to make white bread is ground from common wheat, which is not digested as slowly as durum wheat and, as a result, has a higher GI.
Working with KSU scientists, Cox crossed T monococcum with common wheat, creating three new breeding lines with the desired genes.
Aphids were collected from volunteer common wheat in the province of Karaj, Iran.
spelt, an ancient cereal grain with a mellow, nutty flavor, and kamut, an ancient relative of durum wheat, higher in protein, lipids, minerals and fatty acids than common wheat.
DNA techniques are being applied to accurately measure any cheaper common wheat that is present in durum wheat pasta and to identify the characteristics of Basmati rice and other specialty rice.
Scientists first crossed resistant Balbo rye and a susceptible common wheat.
Variation of starch property and its relationship with dry white Chinese noodle quality in common wheat.