common wasp

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a variety of vespid wasp

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A lead bullet and a common wasp were chosen as specimens because these are representative of difficult cases for radiography by traditional methods with either x rays or neutrons.
SIR - Whatever the thing is pictured in your article on July 29, "Grandad killed by wasps after accidentally disturbing nest", I don't think it's a common wasp.
Jim was still observing common wasp and buff tailed bumblebee feeding on the flowers of mahonia in Prescot.
25 inches long - twice as big as Britain's native common wasp.
Herre thinks the different species of wasps and nematodes evolved from common wasp and nematode ancestors; the fossil record and genetic similarities bear this out.
Most people's response to such a discovery is to call the council pest control department quicker than a common wasp homes in on an unguarded lager.
Busy predator does have its uses (just stay clear of the sharp end):There are two types of wasps commonly found in the UK, the Common Wasp (Vespula vulgaris) and the German Wasp (Vespula germanica.
Andy Noy, who runs a pest-control business in Leiston, Suffolk, said: "The nest looks like a grey football and the nest fabric is much tougher than common wasp nests.