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a wall erected on the line between two properties and shared by both owners

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5] Enteric duplication cysts usually share a common wall with the normal intestine and have a common blood supply, so it is mandatory to remove the adjacent bowel segment along with duplication cyst (Fig.
Ratio Variables Ratio Variables Description RCWTSA Ratio of common wall to total surface area RCWVSA Ratio of common wall to vertical surface area RSSATSA Ratio of shared surface area to total surface area RESATSA Ratio of exposed surface area to total surface area RWATEA Ratio of window area to total exposed surface area RCWEP Ratio of common wall to envelope perimeter RVSATEA Ratio of vertical surface area to total exposed surface area RVSATSA Ratio of vertical surface area to total surface area RNSEPAP Ratio of number of shared envelope panels to apartment perimeter Table 2.
The possibility of a variant of cystic duplication of the small bowel was ruled out as it was located on anti-mesenteric side of the bowel with no aberrant vascular supply and sharing of the common wall.
Within a few weeks, we saw fungus spread in the room which had a common wall with the bathroom.
Histopathology of the disk of tissue from the common wall between stomach and the pseudocyst showed features of pancreatic pseudocyst.
The problems, which DS officials apparently failed to recognize, include that the hotel shares a common wall with a local market and that the hotel is surrounded by taller structures that Taliban forces could use to shoot down at the Consulate.
Forgetting to remove the common wall shared by both areas, adjusters will pay to frame an entire wall area of a room and do the same for the adjacent room.
A car bomb exploded at the gate of a local NGO that shares a common wall with the UN High Commissioner for Refugees UNHCR compound.
A study by an independent product testing and certification organization found Bloc-It creates the cleanest, crispest edges on painted drywall surfaces, probably the most common wall surface in homes today.
When I was growing up in Pune, we shared a common wall with a film institute.
It is a striking feature of this case that, as one young man became more and more worried about his missing girlfriend, there, on the other side of the common wall, was her killer.
A small volume is used so that the common wall at the puncture site will not become distorted.
Televisions in both apartments are embedded in the common wall separating the two spaces.
14) On the other hand, the Fourth Amendment did reach the government's physical intrusion upon private property during an investigation, as for example when they drove a "spike mike" into the common wall of a row house until it made contact with a heating duct for the home in which the conversation occurred.