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a wall erected on the line between two properties and shared by both owners

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Ratio Variables Ratio Variables Description RCWTSA Ratio of common wall to total surface area RCWVSA Ratio of common wall to vertical surface area RSSATSA Ratio of shared surface area to total surface area RESATSA Ratio of exposed surface area to total surface area RWATEA Ratio of window area to total exposed surface area RCWEP Ratio of common wall to envelope perimeter RVSATEA Ratio of vertical surface area to total exposed surface area RVSATSA Ratio of vertical surface area to total surface area RNSEPAP Ratio of number of shared envelope panels to apartment perimeter Table 2.
It is a striking feature of this case that, as one young man became more and more worried about his missing girlfriend, there, on the other side of the common wall, was her killer.
A small volume is used so that the common wall at the puncture site will not become distorted.
Televisions in both apartments are embedded in the common wall separating the two spaces.
Readers will discover how to make art the focal point of any room, find art that fits their budget, five common wall design mistakes and how to avoid them, tips on framing design, as well as placing art in terms of both hanging it and lighting it to best advantage.
should not receive a permit to operate a liquor store that will share a common wall with a Sam's Club it plans to build in Fayetteville.
The introductory presentations provided the attendees with an overview of the richness of the history of the table and the fact that the common wall chart form was only devised in 1923.
After further investigation, we learned that the building in question shared a common wall with the building next door.
What they found were people living in primitive cabins in which no two rooms shared a common wall, yet the families residing inside were intact and self-sufficient.
In the earlier version, two pancakes shared a common wall between them.
Urban noise falls into two categories: internal noise, which comes from inside the building via a common wall, floor or ceiling, and external noise, which emanates from outside the building through the building facade.
By one common Wall Street watchword, three of four mergers consummated today will fail to meet expectations.
It will occupy a 110- by 220-foot space and share a common wall with a new outdoor music pavilion conceived by architect Frank Gehry.
We share a common wall with Micky's, one of the biggest discos in Los Angeles.
Voelker then cloned the gene that encodes this enzyme and transferred that gene to rapeseed and to common wall cress.