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a time signature indicating four beats to the bar

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The second most common time is after the pubs close on Saturday nights when about 17 per cent of thefts happen between 11pm and 2am.
MicroPharm's chief executive Ian Cameron said: "The most common time to contract a bout of C.
Summer is a common time for travel, and whether a homeowner is travelling to the Ozarks for a long weekend or spending a month in Hawaii, she must prepare the home for vacancy.
Quiz of the Day ANSWERS: 1 English and French; 2 Polo; 3 Porgy and Bess; 4 Silvio Berlusconi; 5 The Normandy landings (D-Day); 6 Pete Sampras; 7 Ralph Lauren; 8 Cauliflower; 9 The Full Monty; 10 Common time.
THE teenage years are the most common time for depression to first strike according to researchers at Bangor University.
The colder months through to spring is a very common time to get these things done, and I don't think there will be a great change in that.
The most common time to look for destination information online continues to be before deciding where to go (93 per cent), however, more than 77 per cent now look for destination information online when booking accommodation and flights, compared to less than 48 per cent in 2010.
The most common time to watch is between 8pm and 9pm, with 37% of Cardiff viewers tuning in.
The strain on relationships caused by the end of the festive period means the start of January is the most common time for divorce proceedings to start.
A The most common time of onset of asthma is age two, five to seven and at puberty.
UniversiTools (or University Tools) software system is comprised of a comprehensive Student Information System (SIS), scheduling modules (course scheduling, classroom scheduling, exam scheduling, and common time locator), and management modules (career center and alumni center).
and a "first night" is a common time for your body to let you down.
The common time for surfing is around May to November with the trade winds blowing from east to southeast.
The survey shows that lunchtime is the most common time of day to be bullied.
Because of this breeding and kidding cycle, the most common time to market goats is April through December.