common sunflower

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annual sunflower grown for silage and for its seeds which are a source of oil

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Those include the Helianthus nuttallii, a more common sunflower that grows in higher elevations of the San Bernardino and Rocky Mountain regions, that does not have as much hair on its leaves.
In the same family with the common sunflower and Jerusalem artichoke, it has daisy-like, bright yellow flowers on stiff, upright stems.
The field was infected with sunflower rust, the most common sunflower disease, which damages the leaves and reduces development of the stalk and seed head.
It was never known to be used by any American Indian tribe like the common sunflower, and it went extinct before anyone had time to study it, he said.
It looks much like the common sunflower seen along roadsides through the West, but this species is found in only five areas.
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