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Thus, the special valuation rules do not apply to a transfer of common stock when the transferor retains common stock.
The stock held by Amax's subsidiaries was changed into class A stock, as were 70 of the shares held by Amax; the remaining 250 shares previously held by Amax were converted into class B common stock and sold by Amax to Mitsui Japan for $125 million in cash.
In addition, the two-thirds yield test seems to be biased against common stock equivalence, since it compares the return of a relatively low-risk Aa-rated corporate bond with that of a given company's convertible security that may be riskier because of the company's credit standing.
Pursuant to the transaction, stockholders of record holding fewer than 200 shares of the Company's common stock immediately before the transaction will have such shares aggregated, converted into the right to receive a cash payment of $2.
The premium (5% in Wallace) multiplied by the company's value would be divided by the shares of voting common stock and then added to the voting common stock's share price otherwise determined.
A common stock equivalent is a security that, because of the terms under which it was issued, is in substance the same as common stock.
The Certificate of Designation for the Class B Common Stock also provides that the Class B Common Stock is entitled to 1/10 vote per share.
Under the terms of the agreement, each share of Valera common stock will be exchanged for $7.
The Certificate of Designation for the Class B Common Stock, Series 1, provides that the Class B Common Stock, Series 1, was entitled, through September 4, 2006, to receive regular quarterly cash dividends that are at least 110% of any regular quarterly cash dividends that were paid on the Class A Common Stock.
In connection with the private placement, the Company will pay to Midtown Partners consideration consisting of (a) a cash sales commission of $150,480, (b) warrants to purchase 54,723,333 shares of common stock (representing 15% of the aggregate number of shares of common stock issuable upon conversion of the notes sold in the private placement and issued pursuant to the Share Exchange Agreement), with each warrant having an exercise price of $0.
The previously announced amendments would increase the number of authorized shares of Class A Common Stock from 7 million to 28 million, Class B Common Stock from 2.
95 per share of Duke's common stock and an exchange premium of approximately 20.
Sara Lee currently has approximately 761 million shares outstanding, and based on the distribution ratio, approximately 95 million shares of Hanesbrands common stock will be distributed to Sara Lee shareholders.
0 Million Shares of its Class B Common Stock from Affiliates of Bank of America Corporation at the Tender Offer Purchase Price
Cumulus also announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement to purchase shares of Class B Common Stock from Banc of America Capital Investors SBIC, L.