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Synonyms for soldier

Synonyms for soldier

one who engages in a combat or struggle

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The inquest circus only goes to show that the leading purveyors of this sordid practice are not the common soldiers and policemen but those at the very top of state authority.
During that period, he was one of the very small number of journalists widely respected by common soldiers and general officers alike.
5 million souls of Japan's war dead, most of them common soldiers but also including several high-level officials executed for war crimes after World War II, who were enshrined in the 1970s.
Whether of the living or the dead, common soldiers or great statesmen, the photos show no smiles.
For this chronological account of the surrender at Greensboro, Dunkerly weaves together both published and unpublished first-hand accounts from letters and diaries written by common soldiers, supply officers, couriers, staff officers, and medical personnel, as well as accounts by civilian men, women, children, and even slaves.
The aristocratic Germanicus, his wife Agrippina, and other characters like Piso, speak the same highly poetic Afrikaans as the common soldiers do.
Nearby are several cairns which it is believed mark the burial place of his common soldiers.
As the Founders became increasingly human and complex, common soldiers are reduced to noble stereotypes.
They are statues of civil officials, military officers, pregnant women and all kinds of common soldiers and their height varies from 30 to 100 centimeters.
He was imprisoned from July to October 1645 for denouncing MPs who lived in comfort while the common soldiers fought and died for Parliament.
In War on the Western Front: In the Trenches of World War I (Osprey, 978-1-84603-341-4), the contributors tell the stories of the common soldiers who, as editor Dr.
Grant, and common soldiers of the Union and Confederacy.
Notably, Atkinson puts a human face on the carnage with threedimensional depictions of Churchill, FDR, and General Patton--as well as lesser-known leaders and common soldiers.
In this capacity, he had to sift through thousands of letters written by common soldiers from Freiburg or their relatives.
Soldiers still learn common Soldiers skills, among them how to care for a casualty, but even that goes way beyond simply learning how to evaluate and treat a casualty, Shwedo said.