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an enlisted man of the lowest rank in the Army or Marines

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No one except the King may go in or out, for it is prophesied that she will marry a common soldier, and the King cannot submit to that.
By this time I could understand a few words of their strange language, and when the colonel asked me if I would prefer to remain at the post as his body servant, I signified my willingness as emphatically as possible, for I had seen enough of the brutality of the common soldiers toward their white slaves to have no desire to start out upon a march of unknown length, chained by the neck, and driven on by the great whips that a score of the soldiers carried to accelerate the speed of their charges.
When they stretched the body at our feet we saw that it was that of a red man in the prime of life--his metal was plain, such as common soldiers wear, or those who wish to conceal their identity.
There were common soldiers there as well, not one of whom would have given up his bed of straw to a marshal of France.
As for the common soldiers, they were so that I could not name every single one of them though I had ten tongues, and though my voice failed not and my heart were of bronze within me, unless you, O Olympian Muses, daughters of aegis-bearing Jove, were to recount them to me.
But now, ever since the Chamber invented what they called special training, and the rules and regulations for civil-service examiners, we are worse off than common soldiers.
Boyer draws on the diary as well as unit histories, Missing Air Crew Reports, service newspapers, stateside newspapers, and commandersAE memoirs to give the perspective of the common soldier in General George KenneyAEs air blitz offensive in 1944.
Cullimore shows how daily life on the western prairies was dangerous and unpredictably lethal for the common soldier.
She wrote a diary, later published, giving an account of military life from the viewpoint of the wife of a common soldier and recording the changes she lived through in Batley as a result of the Industrial Revolution.
The Night Guard walk the streets of the old kingdom of Bialta seeking out threats that are beyond the abilities of the common soldier.
Robot weapons (like the popular movie, Terminator) are also being developed to replace the common soldier.
She resigned as she wanted to marry a common soldier, which was by regulation not allowed to officers.
As the son of a deceased common soldier, I have refrained from divisive remarks on the controversial plan to bury or not to bury Ferdinand Marcos at the Libingan.
He was just a common Soldier, And his ranks are growing thin, But his presence should remind us We may need his like again.
While York's conversion to Christianity was the fulcrum of his personal life, this combat success changed his public life beyond all recognition, making him arguably the most famous common soldier of the twentieth century.