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an enlisted man of the lowest rank in the Army or Marines

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They are there to show the experience of the common soldier.
Lynn cast his net widely, drawing examples from well-known biographies of important military leaders, but also from unpublished doctoral dissertations that focus on the lot of the common soldier.
Unfortunately, the term Psychological Operations has a negative connotation within the tactical Army and is often misunderstood by the common Soldier on the ground.
Many of the books - some used in the mud-filled trenches of the First World War, where Hitler served as a common soldier and otherswhich sat on his bedside table in the Fuhrerbunker - had not been opened since Hitler closed them.
On the same day Olmert committed his honesty, while rendering the obligatory praise to the common soldier, Gates criticized the U.
One of them, William Howard Russell, of The Times, pushed for a bravery award that could be given to the common soldier.
Give the common soldier a repeating rifle and he will use up his cartridges in the first 30 minutes of battle.
Wealthy slaveholders also proved unenthusiastic in volunteering their human property to relieve the common soldier from the fatiguing duty of digging trenches and building fortifications.
The program will be "Part II: Life on the Civil War Fighting Field, The Common Soldier - The Confederate Soldier.
Journalists have written about the common soldier for a long time, but the formula story of the American GI Joe--attempted with varying degrees of success by today's reporters--originated with the legendary Ernie Pyle.
The Iraq handbooks consist of a common soldier handbook and a more detailed commander's reference guide.
The founder of modern nursing, the saviour of the common soldier, her self-sacrificing concern brought comfort and solace to a war-torn army.
I AM only a common soldier and all civilians should know I have fought for my country in hail, rain and sunshine.
The remainder of the events tested soldiers' abilities in maintenance, crew drills, common soldier tasks, land navigation, an obstacle course and a 12-mile road march.
For Kamps, the watershed moment in the development towards an historically self-aware drama comes in Shakespeare's Henry V when, before the battle of Agincourt, Henry finds himself debating a common soldier, Michael Williams.