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small spotted seal of coastal waters of the northern hemisphere

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This is the time of year that the female common seals have given birth to their pups, so they will be nursing their young.
Today, approximately 50 common seals and 30 grey seals can be seen basking together on the remaining sand banks and mudflats.
What has been unusual is that in the past two months we've had four common seals.
The Seal Preservation Action Group's Chairman Andy Ottoway said: "This alarming decline in common seals demonstrates how vulnerable our seal populations are and why the shooting has to stop.
Set against the backdrop of a golden sandy beach, St Andrews plays host to the wonderful Sea Life Centre and its endear- ing resident common seals.
The Sanctuary's resident common seals, Nor th American otters Fingal and Sula, its diverse aquarium displays and its breathtaking setting are more reasons why a visit to this unique attraction is a must for anyone.
With its playful resident common seals, St Andrews Sea Life Centre is a must for anyone visiting Fife, especially with its major new exhibition The Kingdom of the Seahorse - never before seen in the UK.
Common seals have been regular visitors to Canary Wharf and Tower Bridge.
There has been a large increase in the grey numbers while the common seals have not done so well.
There are 33 breeds of seal around the world, two of which live in Britain; grey seals and common seals.
Common seals are "puppy like" in their facial appearance with big sad eyes and joined up nostrils, unlike greys whose nostrils are set parallel to one another.
But spotting the more common seals would have to wait until later in our trip.
A Kayaking with grey and common seals at Llandudno Little Orme and Rhos on sea.