common scold

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someone (especially a woman) who annoys people by constantly finding fault

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One risks appearing the common scold by making the same point repeatedly, but this latest development with Law drives home again, at least in U.
What might be an informative voice from the right has become a carping, common scold drained of credibility.
Second, even if the bishops had a persuasive case to make and the legislative tools at their disposal, their public conduct in recent years--wholesale excommunications, railing at politicians, denial of honorary degrees and speaking platforms at Catholic institutions, using the Eucharist as a political bludgeon, refusing to entertain any questions or dissenting opinions, and engaging in open warfare with the community's thinkers as well as those, especially women, who have loyally served the church--has resulted in a kind of episcopal caricature, the common scolds of the religion world, the caustic party of "no.