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Today, the common person can talk with any person in the country through it.
I would like to clarify one thing here that when I mention West or westerners, it does not mean that I am blaming a common person living in the West.
Neha Dadlani wrote on the 7DAYSUAE Facebook page: "Drive a car like a common person from Jebel Ali to Sharjah during peak hours without losing your patience.
But unfortunately, the freedom of the common person is no more private because today, states are feared of leaking their confidentiality by the individuals and organizations that's they keep strict surveillance of emails and phone calls of their citizens.
Supply-side economics is a cruel joke on the common person.
In November Pope Francis raised eyebrows and generated headlines when he revisited some of the church's long-standing concerns about the place of the common person within the vast, complex economic machinery known as the free market.
Not only as a marginalized society member, not only as a First Nations person, but just a common person.
The victory of the common person is the most important thing now.
The profile attempted to shy away from Xi's 'princeling' social status, China's version of old-money blue bloods who have had their successes paved for them from birth, because they are often criticized for their inability to connect to the common person.
IF ever a snook was cocked at the common person, it's in the elitism displayed by the ConDems in accepting free tickets from Olympic sponsors.
A common person in the society can not pay higher price for the internet connection.
All these leaders report to a common person based in Bahrain, who shares information with Bahrain Freedom Movement members.
The credit crisis has pushed the common person to new levels of indebtedness.
Perish the very thought that any common person with the money to spare may search the internet and at the flick of a button can become, say, the Lord of the Manor of Little Puckilington, with all the rights and privileges bestowed on that title-holder, which of course turn out to be precisely nil.
Entitled Bolti Lakeerain, or Talking Strokes in Urdu, this comic documents the issues, hopes and aspirations of the common person, adult and child.