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the most frequent variety of murre


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Our empirical implementation values the conservation of the common murre (Uria aalge) population in Galicia (northwest Spain).
The recovery program was designed following the information made available by Rodriguez and Furelos (2004) regarding the local current status of the common murre and was completed with other additional information gathered from restoration programs applied in California after different accidental oil spills (U.
In Common Murres some of the most intense fighting occurs in mate defence and in all alcids males may risk injury while defending females (Birkhead 1978; 1985; Birkhead et al.
Best bets: Common murre chicks will be jumping from the rocks where they were hatched into the ocean to join male murres during the last week in July and first week in August.
On 4 November 2007 while watching seabird congregations off Cape Spear, Newfoundland (47[degrees] 31' 25" N, 52[degrees] 37' 13" W) we observed a fulmar kill and feed on a Common Murre (Uria aalge).
Common Murres appear to be high-risk prey items for fulmars (body mass 600-700 g) due to their large body size (>800 g) and powerful beak.
An example: the common murre, a sea bird the population of which has seen a startling 76 percent decline.
The refuge now provides sanctuary for Oregon's largest breeding colonies of Tufted Puffins and Common Murre.
Last year, a radically different weather pattern and altered currents resulted in the largest ever die-off of the common murre, the refuge's most populous seabird.
Along one five-mile stretch of beach near Seaside, researchers found 192 dead chicks and 115 dead adults of the common murre.
Saturday at the Yachats Commons; Suryan will describe results of his research group's study on common murres at Yaquina Head colony near Newport, and findings on dynamics between murre colonies and a growing bald eagle population on the Oregon Coast; no admission charge but $5 donation appreciated to help cover publicity expenses; GoYachats.
Observers on salmon boats in 1994 saw only one murrelet entangled but recorded 3,500 other birds snared, mostly common murres and rhinoceros auklets.
1993), Common Murres (Uria aalgeMurphy and Schauer 1996), Thick-billed Murres (U.
Synchrony in egg-laying and reproductive success of neighboring Common Murres, Uria aalge.
Bonding with Birds" follows the breeding seasons of six species of seabirds nesting at Yaquina Head, at a time of year when more than 50,000 common murres gather at the rock formations that buffer the scenic vista.