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black gallinule that inhabits ponds and lakes

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Nesting coot populations on the floodplain, like those of Sora and Common Moorhen, have declined in recent years.
We used call playbacks for Clapper Rails, Purple Gallinules, and Common Moorhens.
We combined data for Purple Gallinules and Common Moorhens (referred to as gallinaceous species) because our number of detections of both were relatively low across our survey area, they share similar life history traits (Bannor and Kiviat 2002, West and Hess 2002), and to increase our statistical power (MacKenzie et al.
The 10 focal species thought to occur in the area included Pied-billed Grebe (Podilymbus podiceps), Least Bittem (Ixobrychus exilis), American Bittern, Black Rail, Clapper Rail, King Rail (Rallus elegans), Sora (Porzana carolina), Purple Gallinule (Porphyrula martinica), Common Moorhen (GaUinula chloropus), and American Coot (Fulica americana).
We detected 5 of 10 focal species during double-blind multiple-observer surveys: Least Bittern, American Bittern, Clapper Rail, King Rail, and Common Moorhen.