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Don't be too hard on a common man, lady," said Smilash submissively.
The NP, being the party of common man and the poor, was struggling to ensure provision of basic amenities of life to downtrodden segments of the society like health, educational and employment, he added.
5 Swachh Bharat cess on taxable services has dealt a severe blow to the common man, said Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi.
Candidates must ensure that their manifestos connect with the requirements of the common man and this must provide confidence and be a source of motivation for future participation by Emiratis who are entrusted with the welfare and well-being of citizens.
The police chief informed that reporting rooms were being established to restore the dignity of the common man and give them honour and respect seeking solution of their problems at Thana level.
Sirajul Haq said that the real hurdle in the way of Islam just system was the rulers and not US or Israel, as he rulers did not want the common man to rise to their status or to reach the corridors of power.
Two unprecedented petrol/diesel price hikes within 15 days have dealt a body blow to the common man and farmers, who are already reeling under high inflationary pressure", he said wondering whether the "fortunate PM" is hell-bent upon heaping misfortune of repeated price hikes to "profiteer from misery of ordinary Indians".
He was best known for creating the mute and omnipresent common man
Now exploring a writing career, he hopes to open the eyes of all those oblivious to what is really behind all of the turmoil in America today with the book, "Thoughts of a Common Man.
Communist party of India (CPI) leader Atul Anjan also ridiculed the budget saying that it has hit the common man like a bullet.
A Common Mans Journey is not only describing theoretical concepts but it narrates the common man life's practical and endless journey for earning money and then spending this money for better car, better house and better furniture etc.
The Ashland-based Common Man family of restaurants and Portsmouth-based Smuttynose Brewing Co.
They share some common characteristics, foremost the fact that they are all rooted in human existence: They have weaknesses and flaws, a myriad of expressions, attitudes and emotions; they are the simple common man and the Sufi mystic; they are secular and spiritual; they are handsome and ugly; they are stupid yet at the time wiser than everyone around them; they are full of worries or playful; they cry yet derive humor from everyday tasks; In short, we recognise ourselves in them, they are us.
Global Banking News-January 9, 2013--Indian finance minister says common man would receive benefits from banking(C)2013 ENPublishing - http://www.
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