common iliac artery

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terminal branches of the abdominal aorta

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Of note, two cases of B fragilis spondylodiscitis were associated with mycotic aneurysms of the common iliac artery.
To find compression points without collateral arteries, surgeons and investigators have determined that the common iliac artery and its internal and external branches are a possible area.
The ureter crosses the pelvic brim close to the bifurcation of the common iliac artery, at which point it becomes the pelvic ureter.
Following this, the ureter was dissected caudally to the level of crossing of the common iliac artery.
Aorta-femoro-popliteal arteriography showed a filling defect in the right common iliac artery.
An abdominal aortogram showed a 50% narrowing of the ostium of the right renal artery, complete occlusion of the proximal portion of the left common iliac artery with bridging collaterals, 75% narrowing of the proximal right common iliac artery by a complex plaque, and 70% narrowing at the ostium of the right internal iliac artery.
The Absolute Pro Vascular Stent System is indicated for the treatment of patients with de novo or atherosclerotic lesions in the native common iliac artery and native external iliac artery.