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the good of a community


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That is, the most salient distinction between strict or lenient positions will occur within the debate over the substantive practical constraints afforded by this conception of the common good.
In this compact and deftly written book, screenwriter and free lance journalist John Zmirak, seeking to illuminate "the intimate relationship that binds free markets, social order, and the search for the common good," provides an informative and helpful, if seriously uneven, introduction to Ropke's thought.
These are some examples of how mechanical and chemical approaches to making quality paper can work toward a common good or can oppose each other to the detriment of quality and runnability.
The issue is whether or not you are being faithful to the common good.
On the other hand, an enormous capacity for compassion drives countless organizations to reduce suffering, eradicate disease, and promote the common good.
slogans for the sake of the common good; writers will tell you where to stick your common good.
Economics for the common good is an ambition to help our institutions serve general interest by studying those situations in which individual motives conflict with the interest of society, to suggest policies that align social and private interests.
In chapter 1, Bushlack situates his position within three Catholic social thought (CST) interpretive trends: first, neoconservatives such as Michael Novak and George Weigel either fail to appreciate the role of civic virtue in willing the common good (Novak) or reduce CST to sexual matters (Weigel).
The common good is a lot like the set of "optimal conditions" that allow both the team and its players to succeed.
It implies a myriad of things: Common good and solidarity; to pay taxes out of the spirit of solidarity, working toward the common good.
I believe in the positive power of government to promote the common good.
Why We Need Welfare: Collective Action for the Common Good
Changes on the use of common good land, business rates for shooting and deerstalking, and deer management have come into force.
They came out with what are known as the ten Princeton Principles on Marriage and the Common Good, also declaring that marriage is an inviolable institution that should be protected by the State to promote the common good of society.
No matter how misguided the government policies that led to that war may be, they thought, it was their duty to their community and fellow soldiers because the common good of society depended on taking this seriously.