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the good of a community


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Earlier this month Common Good issued a report revealing that a six-year delay in starting construction on public projects costs the nation over $3.
Truth in democracy lies in mature education of democratic persons in virtue and the common good.
After an introductory essay on the common good by Murphy, William Wilkie and Elizabeth Moore set the stage by describing the "aggregate marketing system" as a vast and complex social system.
ones not restricted to a metaphysical notion of common good), it can be seen that in human society there are a variety of common goods: There are nonnegotiable common goods and others that, under some circumstances, may be subject to considerations of utility or convenience.
The degree to which government transfer programs further the common good is but one example.
The second half of the book details practices for the common good, including everything from eating healthily to fighting human trafficking.
European scholars of law and political science explore issues around the concept of a common good for Europe.
Bulgarian politicians need to rise above serving narrow party and private interests to further the common good of the country, argued Bulgaria's Vice-Presidentn Margarita Popova.
Howard, a partner in the New York office of Covington and Burling, who several years ago founded an organization called Common Good.
ON GOD'S SIDE: WHAT RELIGION FORGETS AND POLITICS HASN'T LEARNED ABOUT SERVING THE COMMON GOOD comes from a public theologian and author who shows how a renewed commitment to the concept of the 'common good' and religious belief can change the face of partisan political approaches.
The theme is "The Company of Others: Literary Collaboration & the Common Good.
MAKE A Will Month as advertised for October would seem to be a good opportunity to write about the Huddersfield Common Good Trust.
I agree with some of the views express by the Most Reverend George Stack the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Cardiff when he says that marriage exists not just for the couple but for the common good.
He illustrates this society by its four characteristics: 1) the particular interest condition, 2) the common good condition, 3) the priority condition, and 4) the reasonable confidence condition.
Born out of Greek and Roman philosophy, the common good described the goal of and the task entrusted to civic leaders.