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Synonyms for goldeneye

a variety of green lacewing

large-headed swift-flying diving duck of Arctic regions

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Common Goldeneyes appear flexible in the type of cavity used.
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Choice of nest boxes by Common Goldeneyes in Ontario.
Habitat quality and reproductive effort of Common Goldeneyes nesting near Sudbury, Canada.
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The relationship between goldeneyes and altitude may also be related to competition, considering the larger, more aggressive Barrow's Goldeneye may dominate the smaller Common Goldeneye (Savard 1984, Savard and Smith 1987), which is also known to favor lakes without fish (Eriksson 1979, Eadie and Keast 1982, Poysa and Virtanen 1994).
Helicopter surveys conducted yearly from 1990 to 2006 in the central part of the Barrow's Goldeneye breeding area yielded mean pair densities almost 11 times lower for Barrow's Goldeneye than for Common Goldeneye (1.
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Barrow's and Common goldeneyes were the major users in all years but 1999 followed by American Kestrels (Falco sparverius).
Barrow's and Common goldeneyes had increased from 28 to 43 and from 10 to 46 estimated pairs, respectively, in 2003.
1999) reported a preference by Common Goldeneyes for nest boxes close to the water over those in forests (46-190 m from shore).
Numbers of breeding pairs of both Barrow's and Common goldeneyes increased.
Breeding philopatry in Barrow's and Common goldeneyes.