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Mediterranean tree widely cultivated for its edible fruit

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The common fig is gynodioecious (functionally dioecious--the sexes are in different plants) and there are two distinct forms of tree, the hermaphroditic caprifig (Ficus carica var.
The common fig has been growing 'wild in most of the Mediterranean regions of the Old World--and has been doing so for millions of years' (Kjellberg & Valdeyron 1984: 408-9).
Tobacco, chocolate, chasteberry, bitter yam, yerba mate, beehive ginger, bread palm, common fig, silktree, black pepper, wintersweet, coconut, rehmannia, and whisk fern were obtained from the University of Michigan Matthaei Botanical Gardens.
Incidentally 'the ill-fated palm trees which used to adorn the ICC mall' are still there and thriving - except they are common fig trees of the type that can be found in many a shopping mall.
If you want to grow reliable figs as a crop then F carica, the common fig, is hardy and the commercially grown variety.