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a Gestalt principle of organization holding that aspects of perceptual field that move or function in a similar manner will be perceived as a unit

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He said that Egypt and Kuwait have a common fate and a unified strategic vision, noting that the meeting tackled the political vision and Egypt's roadmap, as well as preparations for an international economic conference slated for mid-March in Egypt's Sharm El-Sheikh.
It will be, as we hope, a frank heart-to-heart meeting because we all have a common fate," Husseini added, in a speech he delivered during the launching of the conference.
Anastasiades said that behind the black and white photos on show "lies an historic encounter of two peoples, marked by common pain, common fate but also a common vision for peace and prosperity, in this narrow and explosive corner of the Eastern Mediterranean".
Riyadh-Apr18 (BNA) Based on the historically deep-rooted relations and common fate of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries and out of keenness to preserve the member-states' common march, the GCC Ministers of Foreign Affairs held a meeting on Thursday (April 17, 2014).
THEIR BACKGROUND may be diverse, but BJP candidate Arun Jaitley, P's Gul Panag and her BJP rival Kirron Kher share a common fate -- the ' outsider' candidates, making their direct electoral debut, are missing from the electoral rolls in Amritsar and Chandigarh constituencies.
Bahrain's Prime Minister said relations between the two countries are based on the firm strategic dimension that embodies the common fate and future of the two countries.
Bahrain's vice Roy said relations between the two countries are based on the firm strategic dimension that embodies the common fate and future of the two countries.
In a message on Wednesday, Muallem referred to the brotherly and friendly relations and common fate of both countries in confrontation with common enemies, above all the Zionist regime.
The signs of the Lebanese civil conflict preceded those which accompanied the eruption of its Syrian counterpart, and the Lebanese sects deployed all possible means to show their rivalry, despite all the eloquent talk about the unified country and the common fate.
we don't really recognize how our common fate is bound up with the most vulnerable.
And whoever tries to stop him from his business are met with a common fate - death, inclduing his own kids.
Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries have increased their economic assistance and investments in Jordan, which expressed the common fate of Arab peoples.
Here are the loose, ragged edges of the urban fabric, the places that for decades have suffered the indifference of authority that in today's political climate, with its calls for austerity, seems our common fate.
Sometimes "I wander in a purgatory of half sleep and fitful thoughts where I am harassed by images of our common fate.
Algeria is still committed to building the Arab Maghreb Union, which is dictated by neighbourly relations, common fate, and requirements for joint action in view of challenges in this region of the world," Messahel said in a speech in the opening of the 10th round of the Algerian-Mauritanian follow-up committee.