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an integer that divides two (or more) other integers evenly

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The common factors model is in the early stages of development in social work.
BSR(m) estimates for Bank 1 were derived from a common factor model with m = 1,2,3 common factors and are shown in Table 4.
That means productivity will grow if a common factor decreases.
A thorough understanding of the dynamics behind this common factor will enable academics, policymakers, and businesspeople to make a better diagnosis of the condition of the region's economy.
The common factor in all of these cases is Professor Sir Roy Meadow, whose 'expert' evidence is now under a cloud of suspicion.
Relying primarily on the prose tracts and comparing Milton to the well-known Independent clergyman Henry Burton, McLoone begins with a quite persuasive, if of course not entirely original, argument that Puritan independency, implying the primacy of inward illumination and individual responsibility for a right relationship with God, was the common factor running through the complex evolution of Milton's ecclesiology.
Initially, a third common factor seemed to be beautiful locations.
Upon comparison, the common factor proved to be the language learning disability and not the ADD.
Beal noticed that when a solution of the general equation existed, A, B, and C had a common factor.
Desktop mapping is a technique, the value of which is based on the recognition that all demographic, facility, utilization and business data share one common factor when applied to marketing: geography.
According to the new guidelines, patient noncompliance (as high as 54% in one study) is the most common factor precipitating hospital readmissions, and more than $7 billion was spent on 1 million hospitalizations for this condition in 1990.
A common factor of the foundries that went under in the last 10-20 years is that they haven't kept pace with what is state of the art in furnaces and other equipment," said conference co-chairman Ken Copi, Exolon-ESK.
Although the state of the mobile enterprise market varies across Latin America, the one common factor in all the countries of the region is the focus on two particular applications - mobile office and sales force automation (SFA).
Once again you come from a wide range of backgrounds, previous experiences, and the four corners of the country, but with one common factor - you are responding to an invitation given in and through faith, to become priests who will spread the Gospel in years to come.
It is a common factor between both the movies," Shukla adds.