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black-and-white dolphin that leaps high out of the water

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Three different models were used for common dolphins: both species of common dolphin in a single combined category, short-beaked common dolphin, and long-beaked common dolphin.
Morbillivirus infection in stranded common dolphins from the Pacific Ocean.
On August 7, five common dolphins were discovered alive on Rossnowlagh beach, in south Donegal.
Species 1984-85 1985-86 1987-88 1992-93 Minke whale 12 4 (3) 1 (1) Blue whale 1 (1) Common dolphin 1 6 (5) 16 (13) Risso's dolphin 5 12 (11) Northern right 1 (1) whale dolphin Pacific white- 1 (1) sided dolphin Humpback whale 1 (1) Killer whale 4 Dall's porpoise Harbor porpoise 1 (1) Bottlenose dolphin 2 (2) Unidentified dolphins 2 4 28 (18) 5 (5) Unidentified whales 2 (1) 3 (3) Total 3 25 42 (29) 42 (38) Species 1993-94 Jan.
Fifth, we did not correct for reactions to vessel approach by small cetaceans--an issue that is primarily a concern with the Dali's porpoise and vessel-attracted dolphin species, like the short-beaked common dolphin.
Common dolphins come to the Hebrides in spring to take advantage of seasonal food stocks, sometimes forming "super-pods" of thousands of individuals.
It said common dolphins are often spotted in North East waters, but the numbers of "foreign" marine life is also rising, including squid, sea bass and pilchards.
The common dolphin is the sardine run's most important predator, and between 15,000 and 20,000 individuals leave their hunting grounds around the southern Cape to travel inwards and chase the shoals north.
Other species such as the Striped and Common dolphin live further out at sea.
The situation of three whale and dolphin species - sperm whale, common dolphin and bottlenose dolphin - is critical and one - the orca in the Strait of Gibraltar - is in immediate danger of extinction.
There are three species of dolphins living in this area: the bottlenose dolphin, the common dolphin and the harbor porpoise.
Rather than the white-beaked dolphin, which they had expected to find in the area, experts discovered the warmer water species the common dolphin.
Reasons for the increase in common dolphin kill rates in 1999 and 2000 are unknown, but a pattern of high kill rates in winter was noted for both years.
Delegates are then taught handling, lifting and first-aid techniques using a life-sized water-filled model of a common dolphin, before moving on to help re-float a two-tonne life sized model of a pilot whale.