common denominator

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an integer that is a common multiple of the denominators of two or more fractions

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an attribute that is common to all members of a category

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Patriotism is a much more attractive common denominator as people from different ethnicities live intermingled everywhere in a country of 75 million.
Back in 1995 all the Djs were playing lowest common denominator handbag and happy house, but I wanted to do quality, cutting-edge music.
For some, the statement in the Enchiridion - monacbatus non est pietas - embodies Erasmus's assault on the institution of monasticism and on the worth of its vows, anti-monasticism being the precondition for the reformation and a common denominator binding reformers like Erasmus, Luther, Calvin, and others.
Although these two types of injuries have different origins, both require a common denominator to ensure complete healing - an adequate blood supply to the injured area.
Tax Desk in its CD-ROM format translates to one common denominator for a small firm: savings of time and thereby of money.
In addition, VoiceView's position in the marketplace has expanded beyond that of a mere means to exchange voice and data over a single phone line, to that of a common denominator communications protocol for facilitating the universal integration of voice and data exchange.
If you look at a global scale and see the same things happening, you have to wonder what is the common denominator.
The book is not presumptuous, nor does it try to imply that there is a singular way, the author's way, that mobility can be achieved and clearly identifies a common denominator among all disabilities--mobility.
95) is an anthology of stories from every climate, and the extraordinary nature of the field work is the common denominator.
The common denominator of our Membership," said Zogg, "is that they possess skill, integrity, and responsibility.
From the Bay Area comes the voice of the lowest common denominator, the common man, the alcohol-induced, skateboard-fueled adventures of a band of ne'er-do-well rapscallion scallywags as they shred the rad and cause trouble.
The common denominator among [previous Nobel laureates] is their general acceptance of the Keynesian framework.
Kobe Bryant is the common denominator of all that is troubled with the Lakers.
But the common denominator of conservatism, the introductory statement says, is the refusal of statism: "The state has become the great, the unique, spiritual authority.
Erco, the innovative German lighting company, was determined that its production complex should rise above such lowest common denominator thinking and commissioned the Frankfurt-based partnership of Schneider + Schumacher to design a new warehouse to augment its two existing production buildings.
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