common cold

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a mild viral infection involving the nose and respiratory passages (but not the lungs)

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Although the common cold usually isn't a serious threat, it can require medical attention in people with asthma and other conditions.
However, in certain other controlled studies, unrelated to the common cold, zinc has been administered in doses of 100 to 150 mg/day to patients for months with few adverse effects.
And because we take them everywhere, our smartphones can help alert us to our likelihood of exposure to the common cold.
One study indicated that zinc lozenges might be more effective for common cold patients with allergies, but we showed that the efficacy is the same for those with and without allergies.
3 mg) zinc lozenges reduced the duration of common cold symptoms.
Self-reported common cold incidence is compared for different occupancy levels in Figure 1.
The common cold is a viral infectious disease of the upper respiratory tract which primarily affects the nose.
Washington, February 14 ( ANI ): Vitamin C is beneficial against common cold particularly for people under heavy physical stress.
The common cold is a group of symptoms in the upper respiratory tract caused by a large number of different viruses.
CLINICAL trials to assess a new treatment for the common cold will take place in Cardiff.
They seem to have based their general recommendation on a Cochrane review in which the authors concluded that "zinc administered within 24 hours of onset of symptoms reduces the duration and severity of the common cold in healthy people" (1)
Madam, the common cold is one of the most frequent causes of acute morbidity.
Dubai A very contagious common cold is widespread across the UAE these days as the weather slowly moves on to winter, doctors said.
This systematic review aimed to examine the relationship between the total daily dose of zinc (from lozenges) and its effect on the duration of colds in patients with natural common cold infections.
Only 2% admitted they would care for their child at home if they had a common cold and 3% if they had a respiratory infection.