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a three-note major or minor chord


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They've struck common chords with their uncommon talent--creating lyrical work that has been our mirror one minute, our confessional the next--all the while pushing the boundaries of their "folk music" tag as they've swerved down different musical trails and taken us along for the ride.
The time demands of a high-pressure career, the role of the wife as the family breadwinner -- even the playful disagreement over who will get to drive the Jaguar -- are all issues which strike common chords with consumers.
This is less convincing, though police in like frontier situations undoubtedly responded in broadly similar ways -- Kituai illuminates the common chords of police para-military work throughout the world.
The differences among their perspectives suggest the exciting richness of the African book; the similarities strike the first common chords that will doubtless resound throughout the critical debate opened here.