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a three-note major or minor chord


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Before university he took a gap year to travel, he drinks real ale, smokes Marlboro Lights (not terribly on message these days, but he is trying to quit another common chord of communion with many modern twenty-somethings) and says he currently listens to indie rock band The Killers.
Here detuning the common chord served as an expression of pain in line with the text, the passage in Thoreau where he describes how the Jesuits tortured the Indians who didn't want to give up their faith, but the Indians still expressed unparalleled love for their enemy and forgiveness.
Frank Schaeffer's report of the sleepless nights and the awakenings in the middle of the night with an uncertain feeling strike a common chord in the lives of servicemen's family members of any branch of the military.
On Yellow, the massive hit single from Parachutes, Coldplay's uncanny knack for striking a common chord was made clear.
The varied voices and experiences that make up this collection strike one common chord sung succinctly by Suheir Hammad (India): "I will never be as American as apple pie.
In 1994, on the 25th anniversary of that speech, Bill Clinton had this to say: "It was one of those magic moments in the history of Congress, and maybe of our country, which reminds us all, for all of our differences, there's a common chord that unites us when we are all at our best.
He gets no satisfaction, and his dilemma touches a common chord.
These strike a common chord, especially when they appear in the context of both the present and the past, the personal and the historical.
Kelley strikes a common chord with that universal topic of conversation: the weather.
And while its roots may be in New Zealand, the new program is striking a common chord among cash-strapped homeowners from the highlands of Dunedin to the suburbs of Los Angeles.
The text facilitates the creation of bass patterns, introduction to 12-bar blues, turnarounds, endings, licks, common chord progressions and how to play by ear.
Today, music is the common chord that binds our family toget-her," Ahmed said, with Nora adding that they work intensively for long hours rehearsing together.
Politicians from all parties find it difficult not to indulge in behaviour which they feel strikes a common chord with those who have the power to vote them into office.
Book Three will acquaint you with a number of common chord sequences, which, in turn, will help you play literally thousands of songs.
This Is Your Life' proved that there were common chords linking lives great and small.