common chord

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a three-note major or minor chord


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Give him a common chord progression, and he'll create a crusade out of it.
His arrival on the art scene turned out to be a sensational event collectors soon found a common chord with the women in his painting, the luxuriant strokes and the traditional images.
It was up to Heinz to provide the ultimate ketchup experience, and Kathy shares a perspective on our new Trap Cap that strikes a common chord among consumers.
Perhaps most significant is one common chord struck by almost everyone to whom we talked.
It is the latter that struck a common chord with Voxify, which has made delivering unprecedented results a company calling card.
I had no idea it would strike such a common chord with so many people," said Campilongo.
Book Three will acquaint you with a number of common chord sequences, which, in turn, will help you play literally thousands of songs.
Politicians from all parties find it difficult not to indulge in behaviour which they feel strikes a common chord with those who have the power to vote them into office.
Kelley strikes a common chord with that universal topic of conversation: the weather.
He gets no satisfaction, and his dilemma touches a common chord.
These strike a common chord, especially when they appear in the context of both the present and the past, the personal and the historical.
And while its roots may be in New Zealand, the new program is striking a common chord among cash-strapped homeowners from the highlands of Dunedin to the suburbs of Los Angeles.
This simple piece in A minor uses most of the common chords in first position.
This is less convincing, though police in like frontier situations undoubtedly responded in broadly similar ways -- Kituai illuminates the common chords of police para-military work throughout the world.