common carotid artery

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runs upward in the neck and divides into the external and internal carotid arteries

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Postembolization left vertebral, left internal, and right common carotid artery angiography demonstrated complete occlusion of the fistula and cessation of contrast extravasation at the skull base.
There were two small puncture marks, dangerously close to the common carotid artery.
The left common carotid artery was ligated in eNOS-KO, or wild type (WT) mice treated with or without an NOS inhibitor, [N.
The carotid ultrasound/Doppler study showed normal right common carotid artery (Figure 1), right internal carotid artery (ICA; Figure 2), and external carotid artery, with normal color flows and Doppler waveforms.
Two validated, reproducible measures that have been used by other researchers to follow the subclinical progression of atherosclerosis are measurement of coronary calcification by computed tomography and ultrasound measurement of the common carotid artery.
The primary trial end point was the rate of change in the common carotid artery far-wall intima-media thickness (IMT) assessed by computer image-processed B-mode ultrasonograms.
Small balloons on the tip and proximal shaft are inflated in the external carotid artery and the common carotid artery to suspend blood flow during the stenting process.
23) Intima media thickness was measured at three points on the far walls of both the left and the right common carotid artery.
Contrast-enhanced computed tomography detected a heterogeneous mass that had arisen above the bifurcation of the left common carotid artery and had extended to near the skull base.
The maximum IMT was defined for the common carotid artery and for the bulb/internal carotid artery as the mean of the maximal IMT of the near and far wall on both the left and right sides.
Computed tomographic angiography revealed a pseudo-aneurysm of the right common carotid artery at its origin with extensive surrounding thrombus (Fig.
Patients treated with TNF inhibitors had a 37% lower rate of plaque progression in the common carotid artery, wrote Dr.
Trained technicians performed ultrasound of the right and left near and far walls of the common carotid artery and the internal carotid plus bulb region.
A pulsating bleeding source from the right common carotid artery was identified and sutured.