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CRB provides access to daily and historical global commodity market data
To purchase the 2011 CRB Commodity Yearbook, please visit www.
Businesses buying electricity derivatives should make sure that advice comes from an intermediary with experience in this relatively new market, which is somewhat different from other energy derivative markets, and quite different from interest-rate and commodity derivatives.
This announcement follows last year's launch of the SummerHaven Dynamic Commodity Index ("SDCI"), which was the first active commodity futures benchmark for commodity investors.
2 Commodity Market Profiles - Quick Points (Profile, Producers, Consumers, Largest Markets, Price Performance & Top Companies) 2.
The SummerHaven Dynamic Commodity Index ("SDCI") is an innovative approach to commodity investing that uses fundamental signals about underlying physical markets to create an active benchmark for commodity futures investors.
2 Introduction to A Long-Term Perspective on Commodity Futures Returns
This is not an incremental improvement the engineering team has achieved with Commodity XL 6.
The Fund implements DoubleLine's Strategic Commodity strategy, which provides two distinct return sources: a long-only strategic allocation to commodities and a long-short tactical allocation to individual commodities.
Fundamental economic factors--market demand caul supply conditions--provide the most consistent explanation for trends in commodity prices from 2004 to 2011.
Summary: This issue Islamic Business & Finance focuses on Islamic commodity funds
Summary: Investing in stocks of companies related to commodity prices can be a good idea.
Dot), Japan's largest online commodity futures broker, is pleased to announce that Dot has begun offering an educational seminar series for university students on commodity markets.
ISLAMABAD -- Keeping in view the record appreciation in global commodity prices, the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) has allowed the asset management companies (AMCs) to offer commodity schemes to investors.