commodities market

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an exchange for buying and selling commodities for future delivery

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Bruce Powers, head of Research, Trust Securities -- Dubai, said: "We have carefully monitored the commodities market in the UAE and understand the demand for agricultural commodities is increasing annually.
A sustainable global demand growth has been projected for the commodities markets due to industrialisation and urbanisation of developing and emerging markets.
Commodities markets have often been compared in their search for supply and demand balance to the illustration of two people on a playground seesaw.
Hence, argued the plaintiffs, despite the fact that their subject matter was the highly regulated commodities markets, the government had no proper regulatory interest in their work.
Commodities markets are one of the major growth areas of the 1990s and this new 170-page publication, compiled by Euromoney, presents interesting and valuable analysis of their current dynamics across the globe.
How Commodities Market Evolved - Historical Perspective
Scrap dealers are all too aware of the roller coaster nature of the commodities markets, and many are no doubt nervously awaiting a sudden drop.
Long known for his off-beat and incisive writing, Zigler will provide an exclusive daily blog for the site, helping investors make sense of the rapidly evolving commodities market.
This report explains how the commodities market works, how investors can identify and track commodities opportunities including fundamental factors such as supply and demand and technical analysis tools.
Patrice O'Grady, managing director for Knight-Ridder Financial/Americas, commented, "This marketing alliance is intended to result in a richer customer offering -- the combination of KRF's marketing-leading information with DTN's easy-to-use platform, rolled into a single cost-effective, customer-oriented solution for the commodities market.
With the close of the commodities market yesterday, prices for green coffee beans percolated to $1.
Live, up-to-the-minute access to commodities market information enables better day-to-day business and industry decisions to remain competitive - because financially aware employees simply work smarter.
To help directly address these issues, we have launched Platts Analytics, which offers customers access to essential analysis drawn from our unrivalled breadth of content and tools to provoke different ways of thinking about energy and commodities markets.
Commodities markets participants are increasingly looking for a complete picture of the flow of oil assets in order to better monitor key predictive indicators and their effects on prices.
After some analysis, the paper begins by attacking the way commodities markets operate.