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The rationale for investing in commodities has several components," Mr.
Other analysts, however, point to a trend sometimes referred to as the "financialization" of commodity markets--the increase in commodity investment by participants other than producers and users of commodities.
8x sensitivity to metal prices," says Kishore Narne, associate director and head, commodity and currency, Motilal Oswal Commodities, says,
Ravi Ramachandran, global head of Citi Investment Strategies for Commodities, said, 'By attempting to equalise the risk contribution of each commodity, VIBE Commodities showed lower volatility compared with traditional commodity benchmarks and an improved risk/return profile on a back-tested basis.
We believe that we have a strong business model and the concept is solid, Commodities Online is here to stay.
In the past, inventories of oil and other commodities moved countercyclically with prices.
More than one year ago, speaking at the 2004 ISRI Annual Convention in April of that year, commodities analyst David Hightower noted how the striving of some 3 billion people in China and India to attain middle class status has produced a situation where, "There hasn't been a more bullish market for commodities in the last 28 years.
Says the BP source, "The liquidity will depend on these people, who account for at least 70% of the participants in commodities futures trading.
In a remarkable document, The Anatomy of Resource Wars, Worldwatch details the small- and large-scale conflicts that have erupted in connection with some of the commodities that have become increasingly crucial to our high-tech Western lifestyles.
In other words, most of these OEMs consider castings to be commodities.
The AICPA AcSEC issued a proposed statement of position that would amend SOP 95-2, Financial Reporting by Nonpublic Investment Partnerships, to include within its scope a type of investment partnership--known as a commodity pool--formed to trade interests in commodities and regulated under the Commodity Exchange Act of 1974.
These guidelines affect dealers in commodities as well as traders in securities or commodities.
banks have also, of course, been active in financing the production, distribution, and sale of many other physical commodities ranging from metals to oil.
Like other commodities, only more so, television isolates us from real interaction and human connection and perpetuates alienation from others.
Blissfully unaffected by all of this, Larry Mantello makes art that never grew up: his sculptural assemblages of mall-style commodities, many of which are thematized according to holidays and vacation spots, convey all the heartfelt exuberance of Christmas in the suburbs before Frosty the Snowman melted.