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Synonyms for commit

put in custody

commit yourself to something


  • pledge to
  • promise to
  • bind yourself to
  • make yourself liable for
  • obligate yourself to

Synonyms for commit

to be responsible for or guilty of (an error or crime)

to put in the charge of another for care, use, or performance

to place officially in confinement

to be morally bound to do

Synonyms for commit

perform an act, usually with a negative connotation

give entirely to a specific person, activity, or cause

engage in or perform


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Finally, the investigator can minimize the woman's shame by acknowledging her righteousness in deciding to stop committing criminal acts before the situation became out of control.
This Indictment, Complaint and Petition accuses the Respondents (1) of committing the international crime of genocide against The 4.
Predisposing factors include an individual's or groups' attitude, perceptions, beliefs, behavior, knowledge, and attitudes that either increase or decrease the likelihood of an individual committing an act of violence.
Clayton Paul Wood: four counts of robbery, six counts of possessing a firearm or imitation when committing a crime and two of conspiracy to commit robbery.
I think sometimes people are worried other people will take their scholarship by committing earlier than they do.
This marked the first time that the program asked law enforcement agencies to examine offenders' motivations for committing a crime.
One element common to most occupational fraud offenders, from the CEO to the rank-and-file employee, is that almost none of them took their jobs for the purpose of committing fraud--they are typically first-time offenders.
John Tierney, aged 25, of Douglas House, Bath Street, Hillfields: two counts of robbery, three counts of possessing a firearm when committing a crime and two of conspiracy to rob.
But these statutes do not require the committing authority to consider the possibility of using less restrictive alternatives, such as post-release supervision, halfway houses, and the like.
Jude Medical has joined with the other leading CRM companies in committing to provide annual, industry standardized datasets of actual survival probability data so that expectations for industry-wide device performance will be available to patients and physicians.
He consciously decided to take revenge on society as a whole by committing his murders and making as many other people as he could just as depressed and miserable.
LANCASTER - An appellate court has upheld a Lancaster teen's conviction for committing two carjackings linked to an East Los Angeles street gang that has branched into the Antelope Valley.
For example, an insurance company executive filing a false report with a regulatory authority is committing internal fraud.
In some of these cases, the defendants have been convicted of crimes they did not commit; in others, while the defendants may have been involved in the crimes, they may have had no conception of the harm they were committing or were under the influence of a nondisabled career criminal.
A common barrier people found when committing to an exercise program was finding the time needed for an ongoing exercise program.